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Festive thoughts from Jayne Linney… Keep up the good fight people… Dxxx

Originally posted on jaynelinney:

In this my last post before the festivities kick in I want to take a look at a quick overview of the Truth Campaign and our reasons for pursuing it.

It all began on April 14 2013, when Debbie Sayers and I wrote an open letter, to Esther McVey regarding her persistent misuse of facts and statistics, we sent this with over 800 signatures, including 4 MPs, a month later. On the back of this, we started our first petition (27/5/13) to the Work & Pensions Committee demanding they :Hold IDS to account for his use of statistics.

We eventually received a response from the DWP correspondence team to our letter, which failed to even acknowledge the questions we had asked, but she did reply to Michael Meacher  and Tim Loughton MPs, who had supported our letter with the same reply.

By June 12 our first petition had hit the magic 100,000 signatures…

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Sue Marsh on #IDS

Sue Marsh has chipped in on the issue of IDS and his inability to tell the truth with an excellent open letter to John Bercow. Please follow the link to her blog as WordPress decided I wasn’t allowed to reblog or comment on her blog… I must have been a naughty girl at some point who knows… please go vist her blog and read the open letter… Thank you Sue Marsh for this excellent contribution to the truth campaign.. Dxxx


This is from Jayne Linney, which outlines the detail of our new stats abuse campaign… Dxxx

Originally posted on jaynelinney:

After yet another series of posts demonstrating how IDS and the DWP are continuing to Lie about the impact of Welfare Reform on disabled people; I decided it was time to take action, and along with Debbie Sayers,  we’ve started another petition.


Use the full Powers of the Commission and investigate Iain Duncan Smith Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, for his regular use of untruths and the persistent deception misleading of The House of Commons, Select Committees and the Media.

The Commissioner is responsible for  investigating  complaints about MPs who have allegedly breached the Code of Conduct or related Rules and we believe IDS has breached at least TWO of the Principles. Most of these principles are concerned with finance and expenses but, we argue IDS persistent use of distorted statistics…

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Just goes to show that our campaign about the truth and IDS is so important… please sign and share our new campaign… the campaign to hold #IDS held to account continues… Dxxx #nowpetition

Originally posted on SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites):

Yesterday, Monday 2 November 2014 Iain Duncan Smith was questioned in Parliament over the welfare reforms and below I look at the numerous LIES he gave in relation to the bedroom tax.

IDS gave responses to only four questions yet managed to include at least TEN LIES in these four short responses. I enclose the transcript from Hansard and annotate the LIES and say why these are known and deliberate lies, in this case about the bedroom tax, underneath.

I have a huge bugbear here and rightfully so and that is when did will all become so blasé about IDS lies?

IDS peddles deliberate and known lies habitually and while we expect MPs to bend the truth and be economical with the actualite and all similar euphemisms, this MP and Minister lies through his teeth with immunity and impunity.  It is not and never has been acceptable in our parliamentary…

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A call to arms from Jayne Linney we need to prove why we need extra money to survive… Dxxx

Originally posted on jaynelinney:

I’m sure I’m not alone in being totally unsurprised, albeit sick to my stomach at the latest revelation to be leaked from Tory proposals for Benefits, the drastic cutting of  ESA; it appears that new claimants placed in  WRAG will only receive 50 pence a week more than JSA. This has led me to wonder if this extreme reduction has anything to do with the increase in the number of people claiming out of work sickness or disability benefits?

The fact the cut was ‘leaked’ on the same day, and to the same source as the claim, Maximus will be the company taking over the contract from ATOS, also leaves me unsurprised. I can imagine the key players from DWP and Maximus sitting around the table and plotting this decimation of ESA as a part of the contract. The key aim of Welfare Reform has always been to slash Benefits, irrespective of need…

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Unum a name that will not be forgotern come the reckoning… Dxxx

Originally posted on Beastrabban\'s Weblog:

This is from the Eye for the 11th – 24th November 2011:

McGarry Unum pic

Jack McGarry, Chief Executive at Unum.

Welfare Reform

Mutual Benefits

Tricky questions are again being asked about the profits American insurance giant Unum stands to make from its massive media push on income protection cover, promoted as the answer to the latest tough welfare reforms.

Pulling stunts like persuading six bloggers to live for a week on the current average benefit of £95 and then write about it, Jack Mcgarry, chief executive at Unum UK (pictured), earlier this year warned: “The government’s welfare reform bill will seek to tighten the gateway to benefits for those people unable to work due to sickness or injury. Each year up to 1m people in the UK become disabled and the reforms mean that working people will be able to rely less on state benefits to maintain the standard of living they…

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Disgracefull treatment of a job seeker… please read… Dxxx

Originally posted on Benefit tales:

Rachael Bradley has posted this on the facebook page ‘The People vs The Government, DWP and Atos’

In January of 2012, after a temporary work contract ended, I signed on to Jobseeker’s allowance with my then partner. I sent in everything I was supposed to, and around three weeks later, was told my claim had been approved and was ready to be put into payment. Two weeks later, no payment. We got in touch. “Don’t worry about it, it will be paid in the next three days.”
This went on for ten weeks. By this point we had run out of crisis loans. There were no local food banks in the area, so no food. Our electricity had gone out weeks previous. Our gas had been cut. We were summoned to court and a CCJ for rent arrears was imposed. It got to the point where we were living…

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A very insightful look at the so call landslide labour pinching by-election, who’s being pinched exactly? Enjoy…Dxxx

Originally posted on The SKWAWKBOX Blog:

BBC News, Radio 4 and others have been giving plenty of airtime and oxygen – as they did for years without justification in featuring Farage on every possible occasion – to the UKIP ‘near-triumph’ of UKIP in the Middleton and Heywood by-election. The claim, in pseudo-rational analysis by pundits and near-histrionic terms by UKIP spokespeople, has been that the result is a scare for Labour and a clear demonstration of UKIP’s supposed threat to Labour in its heartlands.

Nonsense – as a quick comparison of yesterday’s results and the 2010 General Election results will show.

Here are the results side by side:


The first thing to note is that Labour’s vote is down by 37% – exactly the same as the percentage drop in turnout (36/57.5 = 63%). As is well known, in what is perceived as a solid seat for any party, voters for that party usually turn out…

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As a part time self employed person who will be forced to close my business and then lose my job because it would also fall below the minimum income floor I would no longer be able to work as I need extreem flexability in my work place. How many employers would allow me to work from a bed… I can do that in my business… Universal Credit the biggest threat to self employment in a generation… Dxxx

Originally posted on glynismillward189:

Main article reposted from The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)

Some of you may recall an article I published in June of this year about  Iain Duncan Smith via Jobcentre plus, pushing people into self employment without giving them proper advice about the “side effects”. Their only concern was skewing the statistics so that it looked as if more people were “employed” 

You can read the article here

As this article from RSA seems to suggest,  there is yet another side effect!

In theory Universal Credit is a dream policy. The idea has been to streamline the welfare system, rolling six means-tested benefits into one so that work will always pay. UC is also intended to make the transition in and out of benefits more seamless, and as such accommodate workers whose income fluctuates and who find themselves flitting between jobs. In 2012 DWP estimated that…

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A quick post from our Jayne, in response to reports of support group ESA claimants being bullied with threats of sanctions (having their money stopped) unless the go to a work focused interview… Completely against the rules… Dxxx

Originally posted on jaynelinney:

Further to my post earlier this week, today another example of the most seriously ill disabled people being told they must attend work focussed interviews or else be sanctioned; never mind this is in direct conflict with the DWP’s own guidance which states :

Support Group

If you have a condition that severely limits what you can do, you’ll be in the support group. You’ll not be expected to look for work and we won’t expect you to take place in any work-focussed interviews”.

How the DWP are going to Spin this is yet yo been seen; what I do know is this is yet another time this unelected Government has deliberately broke it’s own rules and then Lied about it!

This ongoing Discriniation against Disabled People is  Totally Unacceptable & I can only hope people say ENOUGH

It is Time to Join the Truth Campaign and Sign the Petition  to…

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