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Good piece on the Biscuit Fund… Dxxx

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Last weekend I was in London for a blogging conference and on my way home, on a very late train from London back to Dorset, glad I was sitting in first class and drinking a much needed cup of tea, I was feeling very emotional and bone weary. I was also pondering what had changed in my life since the previous summer’s event (the conference is annual) what my plans for the next 12 months would be, and how lucky we are to be living the life that we currently live.

We’ve had ups and downs as a family, and had some really, really tough times. We’ve got amazing friends who have helped us through those times, and we’ve come through it all stronger, and as better people.

As I was pondering this, and watching London disappear through the train windows as the sun set, I was also thinking about…

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More lies frim the IDS #ImpeachDWP #NowPetition

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Eleven million people in Britain – with an estimated combined spending power of £80billion – have a disability’ claimed Mark Harper this week, as the government called on the UK tourism industry to improve its accessibility to disabled customers ‘“So, as part of our long-term economic plan, improving the accessibility of hotels and self-catering apartments and tourist attractions for disabled travellers is a no-brainer.’

Harper was relying in statistics drawn together by the Department for Work and Pensions which say: ‘There are 11.5 million people in the UK who are covered by the disability provisions set out in the Equality Act. This is 19 percent of the population – a similar level to the USA, Canada and Australia (FRS 2010/11, WHO 2011).’

As the DWP notes, these estimates are based on various survey findings and:

‘Estimates rely on self-reported responses to survey questions. These responses will be determined by…

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Hi folks..
I know its been awhile… busy busy as ever…
Our story is a twisty turny thing that seems to have a life of its own… at the end of my last post we had given up on Access to Work doing any more than helping with transport costs. We where still waiting to here from the DWP about PIP this was in March we had been waiting since September…
We where also waiting to find out if J was going to be made redundant… all on top of waiting for our sons SEN assesments three yrs and counting…
my fibro… J’s cancer  and looking after our son with SPD…
So now in the middle of August where are we and whats going on…

Well at the begining of April J was told he would be made redundant but would have work to the end of June… all the time working in a job that required him to be standing on his leg and in pain…(I have some choice words id like to say to them, they basicaly tortured him and set his recovery back possibly perminanely for eight months then kicked him out… grrrr)… At the tail end of April they told J he wouldnt be working through till june and he left the company at the end of the month… his redundancy package was all over the place and he was not paid when he was told he would be plunging us in to further debt… however temporary… at the begining of May he got the first half of his redundancy and we where able to sort most of our over due payments, paid and caught up on things we had got behind on when he had been off sick after the surgery.

At the begining of May J saw his consultant who thought he may have to have more surgery the prostetic knee joint seems to have malfunctioned very rare apparently… to be honest we are running out of rare things that can happen… (touch wood) we have to wait now to find out what, when, and if he has to have more surgery…

Towards the end of May J got a letter from the DWP apologising for the delay in his PIP assesment decision…not the letter we wanted after nearly nine months…

A couple of weeks later we had the decision through… low rate care and low mobility both of which would have been high rate if hed been assesed when he applied… but not to put a dampener on it… the backdated pay helped pull us out of a pit and has helped take the weight off of us trying to get through our driving tests… as J can no longer cycle… or walk very far… and neither can I…

So here we are in the middle of August J has had all his redundancy and is free off the company…
We are no further forward with our son’s assesments nothing has been done in the last few months… all his refferals to the social pathway, computer specialist and child mental health team have not materialised yet nor have we had the final report from the sensory pathway…

J has applied for several jobs some of which put him through to the final rounds but he heard no more after disclosing his medical history… (this makes me so angry he just wants a job any job he can do)…this has been getting him down and by way of trying to cheer him up I went in to a local new age shop and asked if they would stock prints of his work if I could convince him they wanted them… they loved them and asked me to tell him to get some to them asap… you can see his work here. So that’s one possible outlet or alternative work option.
And im still trying to keep it all together… the garden needs doing the bathroom needs decorating and im all out of spoons…

At the end of July I passed my driving test yay and J spent some of his precious redundancy getting some prints done at a fabulous printers called Monkey Puzzle Art Printers on the north coast of Cornwall, lovely supportive people who loved J work and helped me to convince him he can make money at this…

J is now in the process of setting up a blog and websites FB stuff as well as producing works he’s hoping to sell at some point…

Now for the bad news, J has had to put his job searching on hold because at the beginning of September he has to go back in to hospital to have two further big ops… The first will involve the Drs removing all of J prosthetic bone implants and prosthetic knee… Because it’s not working…They will implant a spacer and antibiotic cement to keep his lower leg attached to his upper leg for six weeks while they blast his body with an intense course of antibiotics to try to kill the MMSA bone infection he got during his first surgery… Then he will go back in and have new bone implants and prosthetic knee joint put back in… They have to be new to eradicate the infection… They need to get rid of the infection not only so J doesn’t die but also because it’s causing bone necrosis at the prosthetic join which is causing further problems with his prosthetic… He is at time of writing still cancer free so we hang on to that…

So job hustings on hold as we all hold our breath and preparing for the roller coaster ride to start all over again, this will reduce his ability 100% and we’ve just learned he no longer qualifies for ESA as my earnings and Working tax credit just scrapes over the 7,000 a yr limit… any more good news?

In the mean time we are trying to have as much family time as possible just I case :( and finishing the decorating and the garden as well as helping my mum decorate her hall… Sigh oh and I was diagnosed with ME as well as Fibro… If the gods are listening I’m still trying to hold it all together some help would be appreciated and I don’t need any double edged blade learning lessons about being careful what I wish for… We just wanna get through and still be a family surviving the onslaught on the poor and working classes by this government like we don’t have enough worries…

Take care everyone… Dxxx


Can anyone help… Dxxx

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A comment left on my recent PIP post really needs answering; I’m copying it here in the hope someone can help Julie:

I am so confused. I had my pip form and have filled it in,waiting for my CPN care plan. Went to look at my ESA payment in the bank, and to pay a bill,I get it every two weeks(I am in the support group)It wasn’t there??????????? I have had no letter to say that they are stopping it. I thought they could only stop your payment,if you were in the WRAG..I just don’t know what to do now. I cannot phone them,as I have only got a mobile and can’t phone their Bull@@@@ 0800 number.

Has anyone else had this happen?

I’m sure this isn’t an isolated  incident and if anyone has any productive ideas for Julie PLEASE leave them here – I’ll forward them on

On a…

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More good news…Dxxx

Originally posted on Same Difference:

And it gets better- the BBC have covered the story! Many thanks to Benefits And Work for the summary below.

The BBC has obtained DWP internal memos which says that employment and support allowance (ESA) is worse than incapacity benefit at helping people back into work and now poses one of the biggest financial risks faced by the government. The memos also imply that the jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) sanctions regime is partly to blame for the rising number of ESA claimants.

According to the BBC, the leaked memos say that the DWP is struggling to deliver ESA and that claimants now face an average nine month wait for assessment rather than the intended three months. Although one of the main aims of ESA is to move claimants back into work via work-related activities, the memos say that ESA is less effective at doing this than incapacity benefit was. In addition…

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So we have now seen the governments responce to the work and pensions recomendations see jayne and my blog about there responce on jaynes blog (thanks jayne).. Dxxx

Originally posted on jaynelinney:

In our second petition Debbie & I  call upon the House of Commons to accept the Recommendations of The Work & Pensions Select 3rd Report  Monitoring the Perfomance of DWP 2012/13 and the  Public Administration Committee 1st Report and Ensures Minsters and others present statistics in a way that is fair, accurate and “unspun”.

Today the Government’s response to the report is out;  unsurprisingly Government is general agrees with the recommendations but not without denying the DWP doesn’t already do this?

Governments response includes many claims:

DWP is very careful about the language used when referring to benefit claimants, making clear that it is the system itself that has for too long trapped people into a life of welfare dependency.

DWP statistical releases are produced and published separately to and independently… Great care is taken by our statisticians to ensure the statistical releases are.. balanced and impartial

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Originally posted on Vox Political:

Finger-jabbing protest: Iain Duncan Smith talked over Owen Jones in his last Question Time appearance; this time the other panellists didn't give him the chance.

Finger-jabbing protest: Iain Duncan Smith talked over Owen Jones in his last Question Time appearance; this time the other panellists didn’t give him the chance.

Around three-quarters of the way through tonight’s Question Time, I was ready to believe the BBC had pulled a fast one on us and we weren’t going to see Iain Duncan Smith get the well-deserved comeuppance that he has managed to avoid for so long in Parliament and media interviews.

There was plausible deniability for the BBC – the Isis crisis that has blown up in Iraq is extremely topical and feeds into nationwide feeling about the possibility of Britain going to war again in the Middle East. The debate on extremism in Birmingham schools is similarly of public interest – to a great degree because it caused an argument between Tory cabinet ministers. Those are big issues at the moment and the BBC…

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Originally posted on jaynelinney:

I find it intriguing to read that ACPO (The Association of Chief Police Officers) argued, in their case for purchasing water cannons, “it would be fair to assume that the ongoing and potential future austerity measures are likely to lead to continued protest. Experiences in Millbank in 2010 demonstrate how quickly protest can turn to serious violent disorder. In addition, the social and economic factors that are currently being experienced have the potential, when combined with a significant (and often spontaneous) “trigger” event, to lead to the outbreak of significant disturbances“. So the Police understand that the Governments austerity measures result in protest;  further Richard Seymour also acknowledges the reason for the Mayor of London spending £218,000 on such weaponry is about, “policing austerity“.

This purchase suggests Government is fully aware that its Polices such as  Welfare Reform, Civil Justice Reform, Media Reform, Tax cuts for the…

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Part two of the Truth and Stats campaign petition 2 blog… Dxxx

Originally posted on jaynelinney:

Yesterday I asked if you thought our campaign for The Truth & Statistics was worth it; overwhelmingly you all share our need for truth, and for this I THANK YOU  and am pleased to report the sharing of the post resulted in another 200 signatures; today I’m picking up on the comments and you advice offered and setting out the current tags, possible promotional ideas  etc for our campaign.

Our second petition reads-

The House of Commons – Stop Ministers Spinning Statistics  Enforce the Recommendations of W&P Select of Use of DWP Statistics.

  Last year over 100,006 people said Hold Iain Duncan Smith to account for his misuse of Statistics, both The  Work & Pensions Select 3rd Report Monitoring the Perfomance of DWP 2012/13 and the Public Administration Committee 1st Report Agreed.

We demand The House accepts these Recommendation and Ensures Minsters and others present statistics in a way that…

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