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Disgracefull treatment of a job seeker… please read… Dxxx

Originally posted on Benefit tales:

Rachael Bradley has posted this on the facebook page ‘The People vs The Government, DWP and Atos’

In January of 2012, after a temporary work contract ended, I signed on to Jobseeker’s allowance with my then partner. I sent in everything I was supposed to, and around three weeks later, was told my claim had been approved and was ready to be put into payment. Two weeks later, no payment. We got in touch. “Don’t worry about it, it will be paid in the next three days.”
This went on for ten weeks. By this point we had run out of crisis loans. There were no local food banks in the area, so no food. Our electricity had gone out weeks previous. Our gas had been cut. We were summoned to court and a CCJ for rent arrears was imposed. It got to the point where we were living…

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A very insightful look at the so call landslide labour pinching by-election, who’s being pinched exactly? Enjoy…Dxxx

Originally posted on The SKWAWKBOX Blog:

BBC News, Radio 4 and others have been giving plenty of airtime and oxygen – as they did for years without justification in featuring Farage on every possible occasion – to the UKIP ‘near-triumph’ of UKIP in the Middleton and Heywood by-election. The claim, in pseudo-rational analysis by pundits and near-histrionic terms by UKIP spokespeople, has been that the result is a scare for Labour and a clear demonstration of UKIP’s supposed threat to Labour in its heartlands.

Nonsense – as a quick comparison of yesterday’s results and the 2010 General Election results will show.

Here are the results side by side:


The first thing to note is that Labour’s vote is down by 37% – exactly the same as the percentage drop in turnout (36/57.5 = 63%). As is well known, in what is perceived as a solid seat for any party, voters for that party usually turn out…

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As a part time self employed person who will be forced to close my business and then lose my job because it would also fall below the minimum income floor I would no longer be able to work as I need extreem flexability in my work place. How many employers would allow me to work from a bed… I can do that in my business… Universal Credit the biggest threat to self employment in a generation… Dxxx

Originally posted on glynismillward189:

Main article reposted from The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)

Some of you may recall an article I published in June of this year about  Iain Duncan Smith via Jobcentre plus, pushing people into self employment without giving them proper advice about the “side effects”. Their only concern was skewing the statistics so that it looked as if more people were “employed” 

You can read the article here

As this article from RSA seems to suggest,  there is yet another side effect!

In theory Universal Credit is a dream policy. The idea has been to streamline the welfare system, rolling six means-tested benefits into one so that work will always pay. UC is also intended to make the transition in and out of benefits more seamless, and as such accommodate workers whose income fluctuates and who find themselves flitting between jobs. In 2012 DWP estimated that…

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A quick post from our Jayne, in response to reports of support group ESA claimants being bullied with threats of sanctions (having their money stopped) unless the go to a work focused interview… Completely against the rules… Dxxx

Originally posted on jaynelinney:

Further to my post earlier this week, today another example of the most seriously ill disabled people being told they must attend work focussed interviews or else be sanctioned; never mind this is in direct conflict with the DWP’s own guidance which states :

Support Group

If you have a condition that severely limits what you can do, you’ll be in the support group. You’ll not be expected to look for work and we won’t expect you to take place in any work-focussed interviews”.

How the DWP are going to Spin this is yet yo been seen; what I do know is this is yet another time this unelected Government has deliberately broke it’s own rules and then Lied about it!

This ongoing Discriniation against Disabled People is  Totally Unacceptable & I can only hope people say ENOUGH

It is Time to Join the Truth Campaign and Sign the Petition  to…

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Some heartfelt words to the leader of the opposition not the first one re logged here… Well done #newapproch

Originally posted on :

Dear Mr. Miliband,

We never thought we would see a Britain in which terminally ill people rely on foodbanks to eat, or cancer patients miss their treatment because they don’t have the bus fare to get to the hospital. We never thought a bedroom for a severely disabled child would be seen as an undeserved luxury, or sick and disabled people would have their incomes reduced or removed for missing an appointment at the Jobcentre. We never thought people with incurable illnesses like Parkinson’s or Motor Neurone disease would be told by the Department for Work and Pensions that they would get better, and should prepare for work.

But we are seeing all this and more. Quite simply, the sick and disabled people of Britain are facing an unprecedented crisis which we never imagined could happen in the UK. It is a national scandal.

We are all of us caught…

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Excellent article about ESA and the WCA… Dxxx

Originally posted on :


(1) The Work Capability Assessment is a much more rigid test & cannot be compared with former Personal Capability Assessments.  It is inconceivable that a conclusion can be reached that the more rigid Work Capability Assessment has become easier to negotiate than the previous Personal Capability Assessment which had a lower threshold.  

  • It is not accepted that there has been any form of significant improvement in the claims process surrounding the Work Capability Assessment.
  • Never before has one benefit assessment process attracted so much adverse publicity and negativity as the Work Capability Assessment.
  • It stands to reason that if the test is set as high bar as the Work Capability Assessment is, it logically follows that qualifying for entitlement will be far more difficult than qualifying for the previous Incapacity Benefit via the Personal Capability Assessment process used to determine eligibility for Incapacity Benefit & Income Support on…

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I.D.S has nowhere to hide


Here’s a little something from a friend of mine… Dxxx

Originally posted on cornishgunner:

Iain Duncan-Smith Works and Pensions secretary as we all know is a man that does not have one ounce of sympathy, nor can he be called a human being because of his actions. Ever since this coalition Government took office Duncan-Smith has systematically attacked the old, sick, infirmed as well as the poor, his complete lack of empathy has meant that the lives of those in which the Welfare State was set up to help has been one living hell. He has presided over one of the biggest genocides this country has ever endured, all because he wants to set an example of those living on benefits.

Iain Duncan-Smith has shown time and time again that his aim’s are very clear, get everybody off  benefits and into work irrespective of whether they can work or not. That coming from someone who was once facing financial ruin seems rather harsh, had…

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Another exciting group workibg to fight Austerity. .. Dxxx

Originally posted on REALFARE:

Artists have joined to create a new group to stand in protest at government cuts, and have called on other artists to do the same. 

Image: The guardian - Maxine Peake is a member of the new Artists Assembly

Image: The Guardian – Maxine Peake is a member of the new Artists Assembly

In a letter to the Guardian, published last week, they said:

“We, the newly formed Artists’ Assembly Against Austerity, are calling on writers, musicians, performers – anyone involved in the creative arts – to mobilise against cuts in public and voluntary services introduced by the coalition government.

“The People’s Assembly Against Austerity was formed in 2013 to ensure that the coalition government faces a movement of opposition broad enough and powerful enough to generate successful coordinated action against its violent programme of cuts. In June, 50,000 people marched through London to show their support for this growing movement.

“We now recognise a need to initiate an Artists’ Assembly Against Austerity to organise artists…

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Good piece on the Biscuit Fund… Dxxx

Originally posted on I run on caffeine...:

Last weekend I was in London for a blogging conference and on my way home, on a very late train from London back to Dorset, glad I was sitting in first class and drinking a much needed cup of tea, I was feeling very emotional and bone weary. I was also pondering what had changed in my life since the previous summer’s event (the conference is annual) what my plans for the next 12 months would be, and how lucky we are to be living the life that we currently live.

We’ve had ups and downs as a family, and had some really, really tough times. We’ve got amazing friends who have helped us through those times, and we’ve come through it all stronger, and as better people.

As I was pondering this, and watching London disappear through the train windows as the sun set, I was also thinking about…

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A few nights ago after six pm, I received an urgent cry for help and advice from a lady I know, who has herself faced major health issues with her son and is disabled herself. When completely out of the blue her brother who is also a vulnerable adult with health problems received a accelerated eviction notice from his landlord stating he had to leave the property the next day.

She desperately needed advice on whether the landlord could do this. Having had issues with private renting, I advised her about his rights re his section 21notice and googled some info on accelerated evictions, as well as who else might be able to advice such as Shelter and her local councils housing department. As well as advising that she spoke to a solicitor first thing in the morning…

This has seriously stressed two vulnerable disabled adults trying to sort this out…

Thankfully they managed to get hold of a solicitor, and their agency agreed he had not been given a section 21 along side not meeting the terms of an accelerated eviction notice so his landlord has to go back to the courts before anything can happen giving them more time to find him a new place…

And what caused all this? Yep you guessed it… the ESA backlog, it had taken so long for his claim to be sorted that his landlord decided he didn’t want him as a tenant even though his benefits had been sorted and his rent paid…

I can only image what would have happened to the vulnerable man if he hadn’t had a loving sister to help him out…

the solicitor who is helping this lady out also deserves a shout out and has been highly recommended by the lady in question as being very supportive and helpful re benefits and the BT as well as other things and works with legal aid is… Laura Webster… 01623 460460

This is what your propaganda and welfare reform fiasco has wort Mr IDS you are beyond saving and you will be judged one day…

#impeachDWP #NowPetition

So say we all… Dxxx


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