There are good days

Recently it has to be said there hasn’t been many good days. Day after day it has seemed of late that all there is, is another press release that’s depressing if not down right insulting.

These press releases are incessantly doled out day after day like a mantra for the tax payer with the sick and disabled baring the brunt of the accusations alined against us like the waves in the sea, relentless and seemingly eternal.

Its like all the problems in the world, have been squarely lade at our feet. The inference being that we are some how responsible for the economic crisis, by being THE burden on the state and that tax payers money is being spent on the less worthy.

With the likes of Ian Duncan Smith who seems to have had some sort of brake from reality as he finds new and more and more ridiculously extreme way to insult us  as well as instigate hate against us. And the government finding as many ways to curtail our freedoms and choices as they can…

I didn’t really expect to have a good day…

So why was today different, well firstly Kaliya Franklin a member of the Spartacus team that wrote the ‘Responsible Reform Report’ was nominated for the Orwell Prize political blogger award. It is always a pleasure to hear of some one you admire getting the chance to be recognized for their work. And it is doubly good news when that person is a political disabled blogger. As disabled activist go Kaliya is up there with the best.

And secondly the message that the Work Capability Assessment is a broken system that does more harm than good, seems to have taken a step forward today. It might be a tiny baby step forward but I am airing on the side of optimism today because it feels like a good day. So what happened today to create that tiny step?

Today the UK GPs General council voted unanimously to have the WCA test scraped effective immediately. ‘GPs have voted unanimously in favour of scrapping the controversial work capability assessment (WCA), the test that determines who is eligible for sickness benefits, to prevent harming “some of the weakest and most vulnerable in society”.’ From an article in the Guardian by Amelia Gentleman. Who this evening was awarded the Orwell Prize for Journalism.

Congratulations both of you…

So for me at any rate today 23/05/12 seemed like a good day all things considered, and i hope it was a good day for you to. And as it is now the following day its time to be off to see what this new today might bring…

Goodnight All… Dxxx


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