In Memory of Karen Sherlock, One of Our Own

It is with great sadness that I blog this morning about the loss of one of the UKs disability activist  Karen Sherlock, who succumbed to the long list of health problems she had battled with her whole life…

I have no doubt that her last few months could have been happier for Karen and her family had she not been battling the DWPs appeals system trying to get the ATOS decision to put her in the WRAG (work related activity group) over turned in favour of the Support group, a fight she won two weeks ago. Another DWP decision that should never have happened to someone who was so ill, but sadly something we are seeing more and more of in the UK.

As her friends a family and the wider disabled community, begin to come to terms with their shock and loss, tributes to Karen have started to flood in to the many disability groups on facebook that she was an active and supportive member of… Showing just how many lives she touched.

I did not know Karen all that well but as an active member on the Spartacus Report Facebook group I remember many discussions in which Karen was an active participant. A lovely and courageous woman who will be sadly missed by many… Karen was a Spartici and we will not forget her…  the fight goes on…Dxxx

Alone we whisper together we shout…WE ARE SPARTACUS!

If you want to know more about Karen you can read, The Broken of Britain’s blog post written by Karen herself…

And more tributes to Karen can be seen here…

Warning! Strong language!

Fund raising… for Karen’s Family…


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