We Are Spartacus Release The Reversing from Recovery Report!

As Im sure I’ve said before, some times things see quiet… When really many things might be happening under the surface. This is one of those things.

It is with rigor and with accuracy, that you maintain credibility and therefore influence whilst attempting to fill the gaps left by other groups and charities. This is part of the ethos that drives the We Are Spartacus Community and the Spartacus Campaign. And todays press release embodies all the hallmarks of a Spartacus publication.

Today the Spartacus Campaign has released,The Reversing from Recovery Report. Which curiously does not focus on Disabled people in the first instance. Instead it is about how simply changing the wording, that governs how a disability benefit is paid to the disabled, can have such far reaching and costly consequences, for the ordinary workers and disabled workers of this country. And the additional cost that that change will have on the both the car industry and the treasury when the implementation of the mobility element of PIP commences in 2013 for all current recipients.

To give you a feel for this report, here are some of the headlines

280,000 disabled people will loose their qualifying benefit by 2016

1 in 1,000 UK jobs are supported by the Motability industry 3,683 jobs could be lost

At least £421 loss to the economy and the treasury

10% of all car sales in the UK are Motability cars.

31.450 new and 27,000 second hand sales could be lost

The Reversing From Recovery Report,

Spartacus Campaign

This report has since been superseded by the Emergancy Stop Report which has re calculated the stats for these changes as more changes have been announced… The report is available here

Alone We Whisper Together We Shout

update… some interesting headlines in 2017 resisting the temptation to say we told you so… erm….Dxxx

The independent




The Mirror

Disability Rights UK

The Independent

And this is just a few… Dxxx


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jaynel62 says:

    Great news, but the link to wearespartacus.co.uk isn’t working!

  2. ravenswyrd1 says:

    Link is working now, thanks for the heads up sorry its taken so long, absolutely tuckered out… Dxxx

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