We are Spartacus Release the Past Caring Report

Another excellent report from the We Are Spartacus Community…

In a detailed response to the Worcestershire County Councils Maximum Expenditure proposals consultation. The We Are Spartacus Community have once again produced a well researched and convincing argument against this councils proposals. Pointing out not only the the staggeringly inappropriate proposals, but also the potentially difficult legal position the county council have placed themselves in by attempting to make policy based on such a limited consultation, and one that has so few details in regards to the actual financial cap and how many people the cap will actually effect.

In so doing, they are expecting local members of the disabled community to respond to questions about the future of their care with out providing detailed information on the limit of the cap or who will be affected by it.

There proposed alternatives to council funding that currently allows people to receive home care are extremely worrying. Stating that care could be funded from personal savings, charity groups or faith groups, as an alternative is bordering on the naive.

The ultimate consequence of such proposals which could not only lead to people struggling to live with inadequate care provision but that more seriously infringes on the human rights of the Worcestershire county disabled community could lead to many people having little choice but to move in to care facilities, returning many who with the right care provision currently live productive lives within the community, to institutional care.

The very real possibility that this policy could lead to effectively forcing many, to move in to residential care, with shocking financial consequences for working disabled people, strained relationships and family breakdown and limited freedom as some of the inevitable consequences.

To read the Spartacus Press release http://wearespartacus.org.uk/past-caring

And to read the Past Caring Report follow this link. http://wearespartacus.org.uk/past-caring-report

Worcestershire residence can find an editable template letter to help you write to your local councilor and MP here. http://wearespartacus.org.uk/letters

And the Worcestershire County Council Maximum Expenditure Consultation can be found here. http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/cms/social-care-and-health/contacts-and-publications/maximum-expenditure-policy.aspx

I would urge any one in the Worcestershire county limits to respond to the consultation, write to you local councilor and MP and get local disability organizations involved in fighting this ill conceived and far reaching policy proposal… Dxxx

Alone we whisper together we shout.


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