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Dear Mr. Miliband,

I am a UK-based journalist and broadcaster. Here is a link to my website.

On my site you will find all the media outlets that I contribute to across print, TV, radio and internet, nationally and internationally.

I am prompted to write to you having just watched these two programmes on the subject of ‘fit to work’ testing for sick and disabled people: Channel 4’s Dispatches (‘Britain On The Sick’) and BBC2’s Panorama (‘Disabled or Faking it’).

This year, as a writer, I have been made painfully aware of how distressing, unreliable and costly – both physically and emotionally – the Work Capability Assessment is for those undertaking it.

The financial cost to the country is another concern altogether.

I am aware that Employment minister Chris Grayling has made much capital from blaming Labour for the introduction of this system, administered by ATOS. Equally, Mr. Grayling has made it clear that he views the Coalition’s implementation of the process as preferable, and less harsh, than that carried out under the Labour government.

WCA, clearly, is beset with problems. The ATOS assessor, captured undercover in C4’s programme, referred to it as ‘Toxic’. It was made clear that it was designed to reduce benefit recipients. Chris Grayling continues to deny there are targets. I am less inclined to believe him.

The test, at best, is unquestionably inadequate and not fit-for-purpose. Even the Government’s own adviser, before he resigned, described it as ‘patchy’. At worst, it is downright disadvantageous to those who are subject to it.

For many people the horror of the ATOS test has been the worst kept secret for years. Sadly, others have been less fortunate and are no longer here to register their misery. There currently exists a known demographic of people who have died after being found ‘fit to work’. Are you aware of this?

This year doctors at the British Medical Association have opposed WCA. Those who endure it have opposed it. Even the occasional newspaper and TV programme dares to oppose it. As a Social Commentator, I certainly have.

Why, then, has Labour – under your leadership – not opposed it? Should I assume that you support it?

I am disturbed by what I view as a dangerous trend in our country. There is a clear demonisation of sick and disabled people, routinely labelled as ‘scroungers’ by the media, and driven by frequently skewed statistics issued by the DWP.

Meanwhile, the incidences of attacks on sick and disabled has risen. Disabled people are more in fear for their safety than at any other time in recent history. I believe that there is a direct correlation between the resentment whipped up about ‘spongers’ and the physical assaults taking place.

Surely this is not acceptable to you. It certainly isn’t acceptable to me.The names listed below this letter are from people who support the core message contained within it. Like me these are concerned citizens. Some are directly affected by issues of sickness and disability, others are not.

For my part, I am healthy, able-bodied and work full-time but I believe it is my duty to support those who need help. I believe that is a duty of us all. Including the Labour party.

Sickness and disability can happen at any time and to any one of us. I would like to think that others would also support me in my hour of need.

I believe what we need in this country is more compassion, not less. The WCA is unacceptable for a progressive country and it is a clear failure. The money spent on the appeals process confirms that, quite aside from the human misery it costs.

I have just heard that Tom Greatrex, MP, has secured a Westminster Hall debate on September 4 with regard ATOS and WCA. I ask you, Mr. Miliband, can we count on you to take a long overdue stance in support of our sick and disabled?

I do hope so. I look forward to your response.

Best wishes,

Sonia Poulton

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Spoke with Ed Miliband’s office again…said I literally want to be able to hand him the letter and then leave him with it…said it represents thousands of people who have been let down by this Coalition…said I could be there with very little notice at all…they said they have to find out his holiday arrangements and they will get back to me…

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      Ive noted your name… Dxxx

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        !5 yrs of fibro ~ M.E and Depression suddenly failed !!!!! No better now than 15 years ago!!!

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      6. Lord Anthony Douglas says:

        Lord Anthony

      7. Lord Anthony Douglas says:

        Sufferer of Spinal muscular atrophy and severe depression. But Atos say there is nothing wrong with me.Atos Mentality, Atos doctor stated and I have this recorded ” If you can drive are car Then obviously you have no problem walking” and in copy of Atos report “Tramadol are only a mild painkiller”. Remind Atos that you are there patient whilst at medical examination and as such they have a duty of care to you as a medical professional, Failure to exercise this should lead to them be dismissed for medical negligence.
        What does it take to wake up those blind to this ignorant bullying of the countries most vulnerable. YES BULLYING, CAMERON BE A MAN COME AND TAKE IT OF ME PERSONALLY STOP HIDING BEHIND YOUR CRAP LEGISLATION AND BIG WORDS.

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        Loretta Latham

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      11. I take it this is where I place my details? Only that I don’t have a website, as such.

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        Alan Welsh,

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        Bethan Lloyd

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        Jeff Pike

        11 Years-M.E. After Years of serving as a civil servant.

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        Lynn Fahy

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      18. Do something about this awful situation, we have a government of victorian thugs

      19. Sarah Andrews says:

        Neuropathy due to undiagnosed and therefore untreated Pernicious Aneamia that has caused chronic nerve damage that will never repair. This is hard enough to cope with without having to go through all the stress and anxiety Atos assessments and the Dwp are causing me.

      20. odgie danaan says:

        C’mon ED, show some spirit, make me believe in trhe Labour party again.

      21. Sandra Field says:

        Sandra Field

      22. Annette White says:

        Annette White Pernicious Anaemia and my son has CMT type 1.

      23. Marianne Phillips says:

        Please Add my name to this ! I have just suffered at the hands of ATOS and the ESA and 3 weeks ago “WON” yes – won my ESA appeal. I have researched this thru Parliment., Welfare rights specialists and the like it Time this system is abolished and Not reviewd Marianne Phillips and the BEST of LUCK

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        Michelle Howieson Thanks..

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        hi ravenswyrd1 have noticed that you are adding peoples names who cannot do it themselves, i am having the same problem, could you add mine & my postcode please. pat cross

      26. Eleanor Bradshaw says:

        Family member going through hell because of this at the moment.

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        Jane Shaw

      28. Sharon Halnon says:

        Sharon Halnon Havin some real problems with DWP since 2007 due to a long standing Health condition which was diagnosed almost 17yrs ago during emergency surgery for another health complication, and I was then eventually advised in 2007 after years with several stays in Hospital and Regular Out-Patient appointments, that surgery for the remaining condition(thought to have developed in my teens as it was said to be severe when first discovered) had to be delayed as long as possible because of a high risk of resulting illness developing as a result of the treatment required, I have now developed Rheumatoid Arthritis as a result of a completely smashed elbow incurred during one of my frequent collapses. I have worked hard in Professional jobs since leaving School, and have been laid off from 3 Full Time Jobs since 2007 due to repeated sickness absences and various Ambulance trips to A&E as recently as May 2013. I now face a daily struggle to achieve an income as the DWP is such a horrible place to deal with and this once strong capable Woman is now reduced to tears each time I try to deal with them, they basically get away with telling u completely different information each time you fone, cast me off ESA… to then place me on JSA to then write to me after 6wks advising me claim Incapacity Benefit (Letter received end of March, yes they do still send them out), I rang to claim the Incapacity Benefit and was told they were not accepting new claims and that I should claim ESA (the same benefit they had told me I was no longer eligible for just a few weeks previously, I can’t take that treatment any more, after going thru the same cycle with them twice since 2010.. my visit to Capability Assessment lasted less than 7 mins with a complete Stranger who happily chatted about a pre-existing condition she had recovered from after Surgery… ok fine, happy she alright, but then I was sent on my way, to then receive a report that pretty much disresgarded every reply I had given to her questions… even to the point of actually writing the opposite of what I had said. I have now called in Legal Advice and support, an all these years my Health is deteriorating at a alarming pace particularly in the last 2 years. Its an absolute crime and disgrace what the system is getting away with, and other Countries think we have it good over here. I absolutely refuse to be treated like this any longer, am not gonna be driven to throw myself under a train in desperation, am clinging on to my last nerves with the help of a Wonderful Son who has now recognised and witness how I am being treated, and one last thing to mention is that a close neighbour has confided in me last week that her Mother was diagnosed with Fybromalgia about 2 years ago, and that she is really concerned that I have the same condition… I had never heard of it before, and then I read through the comments here and so many of you have it, it seems to be another illness that is swept under the Governments Westminster Carpets. Happy to add my support to the letter 🙂

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      30. Kim Mooney says:

        Mrs K Mooney

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      Deborah Pate

      1. Linda Hurwood – I have been affected by this and appreciate what u r doing xxx

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      Fran Chris

    4. dottiedog says:

      totally agree

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      Wendy wheeler

    7. David Village says:

      Something needs to change
      David Village

    8. caz says:

      de56 0hd – 7 years with Fybromyalgia – failed ATOS – clearly im cured

    9. Brenda Field says:

      hopefully make it easer for people to get help and DLA payments
      Benda Field

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      Steffi Thompson

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      Andrew Clark,

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      Tracy Pooley

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      S Taylor

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        Still cannot find where to sign-help

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        Just pop Your name and post code in reply to me and I’ll add your name to the letter… Dxxx

      3. ravenswyrd1 says:

        Just pop Your name and post code in reply to me and I’ll add your name to the letter… Dxxx

        Dont worry about post code ive added your name anyway not everyone is leaving their post code,,, Dxxx

    15. Christine Brown says:

      Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis,osteoporosis,dislocating pelvic bones,removal of 75% of L4/L5,calicfied neck discs, 50% use only of right foot after complicated triple smashed fracture right ankle, 3 abdominal operations for removal of tumors, then later on dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (rare skin tumour), removed, but has a tendency to recur .. and many more ailments, I am a trained nurse for the Elderly and worked until the back OP, but ATOS declared me fit for work in April, I am waiting for a Tribunal Hearing …

      1. Christine Brown says:

        sorry my Postcode is.. thank you …

    16. rachel guidera says:

      rachel guidera

      Tests are a disgrace no compassion or understanding for CHRONICALLY SICK people.

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      Geoff Allen

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      Philippa Brook

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      Natasha Blackwell, Glasgow

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      Marion Davenport

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      Lynn Harrison

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      Keith Lindsay-Cameron

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      John Sweeney

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      Kelly woolfrey

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      how do you sign this letter confused!!??

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        Leave your name and post code as a comment… Dxxx

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      Phil Smith

    29. david gazey says:

      nice letter, sums the situation up nicely

    30. theresa keenan says:

      Thank you so much!

      1. theresa keenan says:

        Sorry – my postcode is – Just to add ,I campaigned hard of behalf of the Labour party during the run up to the local elections in Glasgow in May – I sincerely hope Mr. Milliband takes the necessary action.

    31. Ian Riach says:

      Mr Miliband i call on you to support us & stop wca/atos wasting our money on this issue which is toxic & unfit for purpose, even the BMA are opposed to this.

    32. Julie Cooper says:


    33. Sharon Dolan says:

      Sharon Dolan

    34. Gwyn Kemp-Philp says:

      Speaking from personal experience, I can say categorically, that government does not lay down targets.
      What they do do though, has the same effect on the result. If any examiner fails to adhere to the expected level of result then they are subjected to ‘retraining’ procedures and ultimately disciplinary action to reach the desired, but unspoken, level of positive assessment, so the finger will always point to the examiner and not the test.
      To keep railing against non-existent targets is to play the governments game of misdirection and innocence.
      Don’t talk about targets, examine the logic of the contents of the tests and look for the actual interpretation possible in the inevitable results

    35. Michael O'Connor says:

      Michael O’Connor Milliband don’t be a coward and stand up for the sick and the disabled. The labour party was set up by the poor for the poor don’t forget the roots of the labour party.

    36. Krys says:

      K Stephenson – Please Mr Miliband help to stop the torture of ever higher hurdles that often fail those who need help the most because they are least able to manage them. Please!

    37. katrina says:

      Im being assessed this month, I receive nothing other than my medical exemption certificate and think myself lucky to have just got that, I am worried silly they will take it away from me with that and the thought of my illness being non curable and knowing I will end up in a wheelchair frightens the living life out of me.

    38. Graham palmer
      Susan wood
      Sophie wood
      Emma pollard
      Loraine wood

    39. terry tribe says:

      i agree

      1. terry tribe, says:

        it is so scary for us ,have been suffering with fibromyalgia and m.e. for 24 years,havent been able to work for 17 dont know where to turn

    40. 12 years a civl servant….now a fibromite

      s mcwilliams

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    42. Paul Sutton says:

      Paul Sutton

    43. Glynis Wall says:

      Glynis Wall Fybromyalgia, Oesteoarthritus, Vitamin D deficiency requiring medication that my consultant has asked my GP for but my PCT wont allow prescription.

    44. Shaun says:

      Shaun Johnson

    45. David Foster says:

      David Foster

    46. Helen Joberns says:

      Helen Joberns
      For years it has been claimed that there is a link between rising costs of benefit payments as a whole and disability payments, implying that there are more and more claims for disability benefits and that these supposed rising claims for disability benefits are responsible for the rise in welfare benefit costs. This link explains how false that claim is

      I have a son with Aspergers and Dyspraxia.., he requires a lot of care that at times has brought me to my knees financially and mentally. What I will do if the benefits he is given are stopped I don’t know. But it looks almost inevitable. I have been able to keep him in school, enable him to get a higher than average amount of GCSE’s and help him towards being able to get employment later on in life. I couldn’t have done this if I’d had to work, it just wouldn’t have been possible. And the effects on a boy who needed my full time support because of an inadequate education system would have been huge. It has involved a lot of sacrifice.., none of which I regret in the slightest, but it wouldn’t have been possible at all if I hadn’t had a little extra money coming in.

    47. George Goodger says:

      It makes me smile when any Tory says “you can’t spend your way out of debt;” but isn’t that exactly what they are doing?
      By getting the Bank of England (BoE) to print more money (Quantative Easing) surely that is precisely what they are doing
      The way they use Quantative Easing (QE) is entirely wrong. The idea is The Bank of England (BoE) prints money, puts it in circulation and the banks should then loan it to businesses enabling them to employ more people and creating growth.
      But surely growth comes from business selling their goods/services and creating profit? The business will then earn sufficient money to employ a person; that is the way to create growth.
      An alternative: give everybody above the age of 16 who earns below £80,000 per year £2,000. They will spend the money on bills, rent/mortgage, consumer goods etc. making profit for businesses and thus creating growth. If they put it into a savings account that is doing exactly what the BoE are doing. This would cost about 80 billion pounds but it should be remembered that the BoE has given the banks 375 billion in QE so far.
      In the long term the Robin Hood Tax must be implemented. A less than half 1p in the pound tax on every transaction involving bonds, derivatives etc. (not in your high street bank) would raise £100 billion per year (see
      While we have a Chancellor who equates the country’s budget with that of a household budget saying “in times of austerity we must cut back on our spending” we will have a long, bleak future.
      The answer to any bank that wants to move to, say, Hong Kong is simple. If they move they will not be allowed to operate in this country. I’m sure you would get agreement on that in the EU.
      The financial situation facing us must have a radical solution; not only will this way I suggest quickly solve the problem it will mean the gaining the trust of the people and whoever introduces it will be elected for a long time to come.

    48. Elaine Sturmey says:

      I agree. Please add my name to the petition.Elaine Sturmey


    50. Fabio P.Barbieri says:

      Fabio Paolo Barbieri

      1. Fabio P.Barbieri says:

        Came out funny… Fabio Paolo Barbieri,

    51. K J Evans says:

      K J Evans

    52. cheryl coombs says:

      cheryl coombs

    53. maureen ponting says:

      Michael and Maureen Ponting

    54. rita begum says:

      rita begum

    55. This may not be the place for this, but many in the various groups said I should send this to Prof Harrington, but just maybe it could be better served being addressed to Ed Milliband.

      This is a slight more refined version of what I posted on facebook concerning the alternatives to the WCA.

      1. £20 Million P.A (funded from the reduced costs of the appeals process), is applied to tackle Tax fraud and avoidance which currently costs the country £70 Billion + P.A (only £0.6Million is current spent tackling this issue). Helping to alleviate the so called deficit and in turn taking the pressure off the benefit system.

      2. The ATOS contract is terminated due to various breeches of contract. (which includes not addressing DPA issues, which mean they have to now work out of DWP Cardiff using DWP IT and telephony equipment, they tendered to supply all of this). That £100 Million P.A is channelled into training/paying fees for the claimant GP’s, Consultants and or Psychiatric staff to produce real medical reports on behalf of the Secretary of State. So that decision makers can be correctly informed in a manner that causes as little stress as possible to some of the most vulnerable in society.

      3. If they must have ESA then a person placed in the Work related Activity Group (WRAG) should not be penalised for being more able, instead they should receive the same level of income as those in the support Group (SG). However they will continue to receive the support back in to work. This should include training, college or part time university courses with the OU as criteria for placements.

      4. Both WRAG and SG, ESA claimants, should be given an active work allowance (AWA); This entails.

      a) Being allowed to earn up to a ‘Working Wage’ before deductions from the ESA.
      b) Being taxed from the very first £1 over and above their ESA. this is to fund continued pass ported benefits such as help towards Dental, Glasses, Housing Benefit etc. None of these are affected until the claimant earns over and above a ‘Working Wage’.

      Active Work Allowance (AWA) is a sort of working tax credit for the Disabled, one that not only encourages work, but any amounts not claimed on pass ported (as not all claim these) benefits results in £Billions in returns to the treasury. This process is considerably more fair, more financially viable and promotes a system where a disabled persons is not penalised because they actually do want to work and help pay their way.

      Gen William Taggart (NCA)

    56. Julie Baines says:

      Julie Baines Definitely agree that this victimisation of the sick and disabled needs to be stopped. Nobody chooses to be ill and yet the DWP think it is a lifestyle choice. If I was well enough to work, I damn well would be doing. I’d worked and paid tax for 20 years before being diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2009.

    57. bren scott says:

      b scott

    58. S. Lovett says:

      I haven’t worked for 12 years because of severe problems due to having Hughes syndrome & never claimed anything because my husband had a good job and kept me. He was made redundant and my Consultant says there would be no possibility of me working not least because I have severe memory problems. I am now being treated like a scrounger despite all the tax and insurance my husband paid over the 42 years he has been in employment!

    59. Andrew williams says:

      Andrew Williams

    60. Kathrine Brannan says:

      Eugenics in Germany in the 30’s rose out of the scapegoating of the ‘burdensome’ sick and handicapped. We know where that led. Where is LABOUR on these issues?

    61. hannah Rees says:

      The whole ATOS and following tribunal (which I won, but was put in the wrong group), made me even more ill. It was so stressful I had a breakdown after the tribunal and was bedridden for almost a month. I have fibromyalgia, CFS and a herniated disc in my neck. The tribunal took place at a courtroom where there were criminals being tried outside. The doctor at the tribunal was condecending and didnt listen, and the written response, didnt match what I told him, and the fie of medical evidence I had compiled and I am still in the wrong group. Instead of helping me when I am vunerable and need support, I have no benefits now, and I am stressed out beyond belief with money stress, trying to support 3 children after my husband left and has no contact. I am not a sponger, I am a qualified teacher, who has paid taxes, but got ill. I am disgusted at this governments treatment of ill and disabled people. Depression is a disability, yet it isnt treated as such through this process. It is an utter disgrace.
      H. Rees

    62. Ian Smith says:

      The Coalition Government should be ashamed of themselves – amongst ATOS, and the DWP that are all making disabled people’s life a misery…the tax payers money being wasted is unbelievable, and the examination is flawed in many respects…i have been cheated out of my entitlement, and I have felt suicidal myself on many occasions as I do not see a way ahead anymore…I am made to feel disgusted with myself, all I do is worry about my future (indeed if I still have one) and I think enough is enough. I am a good person…and I deserve the same rights and opportunities as other able bodied individuals. If there is any good people in Government then start supporting disabled people again before many more people have to die…please show you still have some compassion and understanding of the difficulties we have to endure on a daily basis…

    63. Ian Smith says:

      I agree with the content….Ian Smith,

    64. Lisa Levey says:

      Thank you Sonia

  2. Tara Wilkins says:


      1. Derek Lucas says:

        I am a member of Plaid Cymru my late wife was disabled i am glad she is not alive to see how lab + tories have treated the disabled where do you stand ? Derek Lucas

  3. Abigail Wyatt says:

    Abigail Wyatt

  4. i fully agree with this letter

    1. ravenswyrd1 says:

      If you want your name to be put on the letter send a message with your name and post code I dont have to make it public if you dont want it to be… Dxxx

      1. ravenswyrd1 says:

        Ive popped it on anyway… Dxxx

      2. Seán A Gleeson says:

        Sean a. Gleeson couldn’t find out how to comment, Sorry.

      3. ravenswyrd1 says:

        Ive got you on the letter now… Dxxx

  5. joan anthony says:

    Joan Anthony

  6. S ferguson says:

    S ferguson

  7. Joanne McAllister says:

    Please add my name and postcode
    – many thanks.

      1. pat cross says:

        hi could you add my mum in law name lily cross

  8. Pam Long says:

    Pam Long.

  9. Amanda Bellamy says:


  10. Tara Allan says:

    T Allan

      1. Sandra White says:

        Sandra White

  11. Linda Harper says:

    Im currently fighting for an appeal to the support group, I have cervical & lumbar spondilosis and fibromyalgia. Dont understand how a DWP doctor 6yrs ago can say I would never work again and now after a reassessment only on paper Atos and decision makers have put me in the esa work related group, makes no sense at all.

    1. jacqui butterworth says:

      How do I stop all the email support coming through on my ymail account?

      1. ravenswyrd1 says:

        Im not sure, have a look at your notification settings… Dxxx

    2. hannah Rees says:

      I won my appeal, I have spondilosis of the neck and fibro…but I didnt win it on those, rather on IBS symptoms, and I had to say the worst possible day ever, I was still put in working group…which is utterly ridiculous. They ignored all my medical letters from specialists.

  12. Thomas Turner says:

    Thomas Turner I,m also a Labour Party member who this will eventually effect

  13. Sarah Wiles says:

    I fully agree with this letter.

    1. Sarah Wiles says:

      by the way

  14. Anne cryer-whitehead says:


  15. I totally agree with the contents of this letter.

  16. nollyprott says:

    It all part ot this underlying longer term UK policy initiative started by Labour in 2008, Ed Miliband can never escape the fact that he was in Brown’s cabinet at the time and politicians never admit they were wrong !

    1. ravenswyrd1 says:

      Do you want to go on the letter?

  17. JM says:

    J Pettigrew

  18. Isn’t it a bit dangerous adding postcodes? Anyone can look up peoples house details on SatNav?Very dangerous I think….

  19. Ali Pardoe says:

    Ali Pardoe

  20. Carmel Hillary says:

    Carmel Hillary

  21. Pam Griffin says:

    Pam Griffin

  22. Dawn Hanson says:

    Dawn Hanson

  23. Jane Cranmer says:

    Dear Mr Milliband,
    as a lifelong supporter of the Labour Party I believe it is of the utmost importance that we place among our core values protection and support for those in society least able to fight for themselves. As leader of the opposition it falls on you to take a stand and be a leading light in this respect. I sincerely hope you will take on board all the excellent points made in this letter, I expect to hear you speak out against the Work Capability Assessment and the way in which it is administered by ATOS, I believe this is no less than your loyal supporters would expect from you.
    Kind Regards,
    Jane Cranmer

  24. Paul Jones says:

    Paul jones

  25. Ian M Davies says:

    I agree with the contents of this letter, people should be supported and helped in their efforts to find work. Jobcentre has a hard enough time trying to find work for nearly 3 million unemployed how can they find the time to devote to people with specific needs. For 13 years I’ve been asking for help and received very little, along the way I created work for over a dozen uk businesses with no help from the jobcentre. The carrot will always produce better results than the stick.

  26. Mary Stuart says:

    Excellent letter. I couldn’t agree more.

  27. Margaret Burton says:

    Margaret Burton

  28. Jane Cranmer says:

    Jane Cranmer

  29. Chris Eyre says:

    The slash and discard policy of the Con-Dem government hopefully is leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of those that had lost faith in the Labour party.
    This is just the beginning of the removal of state funding for the weak, poor, elderly, disabled etc.

    Do not give these ‘people’ another chance at the next election……

    If you do then make sure you will not need any state help at anytime…. because there will not be any.

    I fully support your letter to Mr Miliband.


  30. Alan Stuart says:

    In total agreement with your letter – a positive reply is needed from Mr Milliband!

  31. Kat says:

    Katherine Fox
    Maurice Fox

      1. Kat says:

        Hiya :waves:

      2. Roy Plumb says:

        It is time to stop the killing of innocent sick people this government should be up on a charge of manslaughter’

  32. Alasdair Lord
    I am registered disabled and awaiting a date for my recorded WCA

  33. lynda sarrington says:

    I have added my name and postcode.

  34. dave cohen says:

    dave cohen

  35. Forgot to put my postcode –

  36. Nigel Hallett says:

    N. Hallett.

  37. Barbara Smith says:

    Mr Miliband, I am a Labour Supporter and would like to know if you will continue with the WRB, which is treating the genuine sick and disabled in such a callous way.
    Barbara Smith Carer of disabled daughter

  38. Andrew Rice says:

    Andrew Rice

    1. Dave Thompson says:

      Is this andy eice who used to be in codev?

      1. Dave Thompson says:

        Rice sorry

  39. dbrassington says:


  40. ema says:

    ema hackett (not comfortable putting the rest of my address publicly)

  41. michelle maher says:

    Michelle maher well done Sonia

  42. Lorraine Kelly says:

    I fully agree with this letter . As a sufferer of fibromyalgia I am unable to live a full life and manage properly around the home. I am due to have my atos medical soon. And the stress it is causing me is having an extremely negative impact on my health .

  43. Mark Carolyn says:

    I support your letter 100 per cent

  44. Sharon peck says:

    support your letter keep up the fight

  45. Please enter my name+postcode on yr superb letter! Thanks

  46. I fully agree to this letter C A Holmes

  47. Deborah Webber says:

    Deborah Webber

  48. rebecca carmichael says:

    Dear Mr Milliband,
    my daughter is 22.She is autistic and I care for her since she left full time education.The WCA is a travesty of social justice,a one size fits all assessment which is totally unsuitable for purpose.
    Please take this letter seriously,so many people with disabilities have nobody to turn to.
    We need to protect the weak and vulnerable of this country,not demonise them.

    Many thanks Rebecca

    1. Helen Joberns says:

      Totally agree.., I have a 16 year old boy who has been teased and tormented every day of his schooling life.., as well as dealing with his disability he has to deal with this. How he will cope with an ATOS assessment when they decide to bring them in on DLA awards, I don’t know.

  49. cliff babbs says:

    Cliff Babbs

  50. Pat McClay says:

    Pat McClay

  51. Trvor Davis says:

    Please add my name to this list

  52. ravenswyrd1 says:

    If you wrote this can you let me have your name its disappeared… Dxxx
    I agree with the contents of this letter, people should be supported and helped in their efforts to find work. Jobcentre has a hard enough time trying to find work for nearly 3 million unemployed how can they find the time to devote to people with specific needs. For 13 years I’ve been asking for help and received very little, along the way I created work for over a dozen uk businesses with no help from the jobcentre. The carrot will always produce better results than the stick.

  53. Carina Dane says:

    Carina Dane

  54. Chris Anderson says:

    Christine Anderson

  55. T.Hussain says:

    I totally agree with and support Sonia Poulton’s Letter.
    From personal experience the ATOS medical assessment is a horrendous procedure and very unfair to the point it discriminates against those with chronic long term health conditions such as FIBROMYALGIA, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME, and ME.
    The government have failed ALL with genuine ill health and are making us suffer even more !!!
    Tina Hussain

    1. Geraldine says:

      I totally agree with this letter,,, just because one looks ok does not mean that they r not suffering severe pain day and night. Fibromyalgia is an invisable illness.. iT effects most of the body . It also causes depression, IBS, fatigue, Mirgraine Headaches, forgetfullness, and many more…. I also have prolaspe disc degenerated,, saticia,, loss of heraing in both ears ,, I am waiting on an MRI scan for my knees.. So i would love to be able to work and meet people have fun, But my life is not like that i am in constant severe pain looking at 4 walls with very little money……… I feel this ATOS medicals and assessments unbeliveable how can someone who sees u for 1 hour say yeah you r fit for work ………….. ( ex of them at the assessment ,, she/he looks ok they can lift their arms up and stand for a few mins ) fit for work ????????? NOT RIGHT ………..

  56. Stephen Williams says:

    I entirely agree, the ATOS implementation of WCA is shameful. The job of Labour at present is one of opposition, and challenging the government. Regardless of who instigated the policy change at present this sits within the present government’s oversight and it’s a shameful mess that people with pervasive health difficulties (mental, learning difficulties, physical and combinations thereof) are being assessed with such a blunt instrument.

  57. Stefano Buscain says:


  58. John Jennings says:

    J Jennings

  59. Alison Stewart says:

    Alison Stewart

  60. Helen Palmer says:

    Helen Palmer

  61. Ruth Emery says:


  62. Hat Smith says:

    I am a natural socialist, and have always voted labour. I am scared to vote Labour now as I fear they will just do “New” Labour type things again, or act just like the Conservative / Lib Dem Coalition. Or break promise and lack backbone as the Lib Dems have done. All the parties are completely out of touch with people on the ground. If Labour gets to power it must reverse the damage this inhuman, heartless coalition has done – they have vilified & scapegoated the sick vulnerable and disabled, whipped up divisions in society using blatent propaganda techniques, and demolished hard won-rights and protections. Two years ago the war on the disabled would have been unthinkable. How fast and how low this dreadful government has sunk in the sea of morality. New depths of cavalier selfish unconcern.They have no morality, no sense of stewardship of our country and it’s laws or responsibility to citizens. They got into government and made it a help-yourself free-for all for rich buddies.
    They have relaxed planning laws so we will soon be concreted over.
    There are no longer any words strong enough for how I feel about what this government has done. “Vile”, “unprincipled” “inhumane” and “ruthless” have become meaningless and devalued. We need a new word to descrive this lot. Years ago I had an attack of the night hags – sleep paralysis. Evil hags were clawing at my spine and trying to drag me down to hell. If you have had this experience you will know what a mental and physical nightmare it is. This government are real living murderous soulless night hags. Grinning bland plastic robotic assassins, with carefully rehearsed body language and gestures to try and appear convincing. We have all had enough of this sort of politician.

    1. Joss says:

      Hi, I want to publicise this but a lot of people won’t sign it on a private blog. I can’t access the Google doc or find a way to sign it on Facebook and not everyone has a Facebook account.

      Does anyone know when it needs to be signed by?


      1. ravenswyrd1 says:

        The google doc crashed with so many trying to sign it You can sign here and I will pass it on, I am one of the core group for the We Are Spartacus Community. additionaly there are folks collecting signatures on FB the Spartacus Report group are trying to collect signatures as well as others theres also a copy of the letter on Sonia Pultons FB page that you can leave your details as well… I hope that helps… I think they are hoping to get the doc back up and running at some point… Dxxx

      2. ravenswyrd1 says:

        The google doc crashed with so many trying to sign it You can sign here and I will pass it on, I am one of the core group for the We Are Spartacus Community. additionaly there are folks collecting signatures on FB the Spartacus Report group are trying to collect signatures as well as others theres also a copy of the letter on Sonia Pultons FB page that you can leave your details as well… I hope that helps… I think they are hoping to get the doc back up and running at some point… It was due in tomorrow at 2pm but I think Sonia is trying to get longer… Dxxx

      3. Carrie says:

        I have Multiple Sclerosis and have just been scored zero points by Atos! Told my hair and clothes looked nice. I heard my name called without a hearing aid (I’ve never said I own a hearing aid). This is a scandal! Really worried we may loose our home or get into debt. As a nation we have to stand together and fight this. It’s so wrong!

    2. Ian says:

      What utter crap! Before I must say that I am currently undergoing help and diagnosis for what is causing my severe headaches that come on any time and I have been signed of sick by my GP. I also lived with a lady that has Fibro. No Hat Smith I have not singled you out here, it is that I have had enough of blaming this government!
      A little history lesson for you and all Labour party lovers on here. When ‘Good old Uncle Tony’ Blair was our PM his government like others before them introduced various changes to how benefits are claimed, including incapacity and other benefits available to those unfit for work. That is a fact! They also got vilified at the time as it meant that tests and questionnaires had to be done to show that you were eligible for those benefits.
      Now since 1996 the number of people claiming benefits because they can not work has doubled if you believe some sources it has trebled in the number of people claiming them.
      I do sympathise totally with legitimate claims! Unfortunately to weed out those that are not legitimate everyone has to be reassessed.
      Now every government issues targets, they all do! Even Labour!
      Atos who are carrying out the WCA are under pressure to deliver on those targets. Yes the testing system could be better and more dignified that is not what is gripping my sh**.
      What is annoying me is that there are people wrongly claiming sick benefits, and you know there is. How do you propose they are weeded out?
      I went to two assessments with the lady I lived with. A lot of the cases to be seen went in to be assessed wobbling on walking sticks being carried by relatives and combination there of. Most of those came out the same way they went in; once the consulting room door was closed they tucked the sticks under their arms, skipped out of the door with broad smiles. Some even said “Well that is it for another year or so, no need for work!”. Do you think it is right that these people, who obviously are fit to work should be paid not to work? That is potentially stopping YOUR benefits from being increased as a proper claimant.
      Also the lady I lived with also had anxiety problems and could not handle stress, her doctors report confirmed this and she was passed fit for work! She had to appeal TWICE and go through all that again TWICE. It was not a coalition government then, it was LABOUR.
      Stop blaming this government and blame them all, more importantly blame those that are wrongfully claiming your benefits. They are the people stealing from YOU and successive governments are trying to STOP them stealing from you.
      Like I said before these tests should be done with more dignity, care and without targets! Done in such a way those with legitimate claims smile and those without run back to work!
      Hat, I am sorry, I say again I am not singling you out her. This rant is aimed at all those blaming this and that. The big picture needs to been seen here, and that is to stop those wrongfully claiming but do it in a manner that does not affect the dignity of those rightly claiming.

      1. Barbara Smith says:

        Ian…you are obviously not a sick or disabled person…you are missing the point completely there are people with terminal cancer being declared fit for work..others with profound disabilities being declared fit for work by ATOS…when you live each day with fear and stress brought on by this Government which you obviously don’t only then can you understand..Whoever Hat Smith is she better off without a judgemental person like you..

  63. Lesley Crosby says:

    L Crosby

  64. Frank Spence says:

    Frank Spence

  65. Gary Stewart says:

    Gary Stewart

  66. Christopher Colin Wilson

  67. Lisa seaward says:


  68. Helen Walker says:

    Please, Mr Milliband, someone has to stand up to this inhuman administration, and if not you, then who?

  69. Robert Ormesher says:

    Robert Ormesher

  70. julie lock says:

    J Lock

  71. Si Carter says:

    S. Carter

  72. Andrew Healey says:

    Please add my name

    1. Vanessa Wigmore says:

      Although there is no cure MS is not terminal.
      Sadly my future as it stands with the WCAs and the Condems WRB is terminal!
      I cannot spend a lifetime in the misery of proving my worthlessness to you in order to prove my honesty?..

  73. Andrew Healey says:


  74. barbara hulme says:

    please put me on letter Barbara Hulme

  75. Paula Heron says:

    I am 39 yrs old and have suffered with ME for 10 years, I have always woeked even when I was advised not to as it was seriously affecting my health. I got finished from work last October on medical grounds and so am now on disability benefits. I hate not being well enough to go to work and provide for my kids as I am a single parent with no financial or emotional support from my ex. U are made to feel like a fraud, cheat and liar and as if there’s nothing wrong with u. This is all because if u can’t see an illness then people don’t believe its real. I have had many an appointment with Atos and I think they are harsh, brutal, un caring and down right insensitive when it comes to genuine sick people who have to be on disability benefits and this needs to be addressed and changed asap!!!!

  76. Catherine Wallace says:

    Catherine Wallace

  77. john baker says:

    john baker

  78. fibrobabes says:

    Alice Reeve I can’t even get treatment from Glos PCT. This ATOS thing is making me so stressed I suffer from fibromyalgia, ME, two forms of arthritis, asthma and other conditions in complete flare! I can’t take meds due to CSS. How can I go into work nobody would have me with my health! I lost two jobs in past due to health!

  79. Michael Shackleton says:

    Michael Shackleton

  80. Ken Fryer says:

    Like other people have said, it is the silence of the Labour Party which frightens me for the future. I’m swayed towards UKIP but I fear that may also be a wasted vote and could allow the tories back in again. Our vulnerable people need help and we need to know that the government we elect are interested in protecting them. I need to know to know that the Labour Party is a party that cares.

  81. Steve Stone says:

    I fully agree, this requires the most urgent action right now before someone else is killed off with it!

  82. Angie says:

    Thanks… Dxxx

  83. Andy Larkin says:

    Andy Larkin

  84. Roger and Llinos Harris. says:

    Mr Milliband and the Labour Party. Please for the sake of moral conscience make a stand against these immoral acts against the most vulnerable in our 21st century UK. Yes 21st, not the Middle Ages. Support this letter.

  85. thomas gallagher says:

    Thomas Gallagher

  86. Denise Bellamy says:

    Denise Bellamy

  87. libby stubbs says:

    This vile treatment of the disabled and sick by this Govt. must stop. The demonisation of others less able bodied must stop, it is encouraged by the likes of the Daily Mail and Sun, this Govt encourages this awful behaviour. By doing that the pressure is off the real issues, MP’s cheating, off shore a/c’s, big company’s registered abroad to avoid tax. This country is becoming worse and worse for decent people, Mr. Miliband, we are relying on you to do the right thing. This Govt is the biggest cheat and they are standing up to their name “The Nasty Party”.

  88. Mike Homfray says:

    Strongly agree with this, and I am a Labour party member representing my CLP at this years conference. I can fairly say this is the view of our heartlands CLP

    Mike Homfray

  89. This government is attacking the people least able to fight back.

  90. Shaun Carruthers says:

    Shaun Carruthers

  91. Helen Woodhouse says:

    Helen Woodhouse and Richard Southwell

  92. David Osman says:


  93. Jayne Gowland says:

    Jayne Gowland

  94. Tracy Harman says:

    Christine Harman
    David Harman

  95. Christine McClenaghan says:

    Christine McClenaghan

  96. Jan Baker says:

    Jan Baker

  97. John Short says:

    John Short

    Just one of a number of systemic failures/abuses going back years.

    In my own case, I have a degenerative scenario, and have accumulated excellent medical evidence. I failed to get DLA, and had to undergo a farcical appeal. So I remained on incapacity benefit until it was removed in october 2011, never having attained a disability status, just that of long term sick. It is reasonable to assume, that a proportion of those also claiming incapacity benefit, are also disabled, but are only regarded as long term sick. Many of them, like me, now get nothing, except the contempt of government and wider public that have jumped onto the hate bus that dismissess us as lazy scroungers. Let’s drop the pretence now that what has been taking place over successive administrations are NOT reforms, but budget driven cuts, that at best are dehumanising, at worst … fatal!

  98. Joy birdsey says:

    dear Mr. milliband,
    I run a disabled and carers group in Grain, and since the ATOS and ESa assessments have been the rule, I find myself having to do appeals for some of the very disabled in my group who are of working age. They have won their appeals, with help. However, the distress this has caused, has been horrendous, we have had one man die, weather it was the stress we can never be sure. None of us are against proper medical assessment, but we are against this uncaring barbaric assessment that does not take into account serious medical issues.
    We need a saviour so please can you use your voice of compassion.
    Regards joy birdsey

  99. Kath w says:

    Well done, sonia. Sign me up.

    Katherine Wimhurst

  100. this Government is attacking the people least able to fight back !!

  101. Penelope Tindall says:

    I totally agree. The current system is cruel and unfair.

    Pen Tindall

  102. jo walker says:

    Joanne walker

  103. Laurence Groom says:

    Laurence Groom
    Husband of a chronically ill wife with severe mental health problems, chronic pelvic pain, ulcerative colitis, wide spread arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and chronic fatigue who still is called in regularly for these un-fair and demeaning assessments!

  104. Hazel Townley
    My life: school, university, work for 18 years, then the last 6 have been hell. Psoriasis (moderate to severe) from age 6. Psoriatic arthritis from age 20. First symptoms of fibromyalgia age 29. Unable to work full-time age 40. I now work half a day a week doing admin for community car scheme. I tried working 3 half days per week but I was ground down and unable to do anything else. I have looked but there are no office jobs for 2 half days per week here. So I’m unemployable. Now I’m so depressed none of the medication tried has worked and there is no counselling available to help me adjust to a life of disability and poverty.

  105. Annabel Luery says:

    Annabel Luery

  106. sandra martin says:

    Sandra Martin

  107. Juliana says:


    Juliana Lucas

  108. Ross Martin says:

    Ross Martin

  109. Angie Trowbridge says:

    Angie Trowbridge

  110. Tony Booth-lydon says:

    Tony Booth-Lydon
    A combination of the STASI and Tourquemada = ATOS and this shambles of a government, who were quick to lay the blame for rioters not having Fathers but wimp out when given the chance to make a difference and now move on to the sick and disabled. The tories are nothing short of Fascistic neo-nazis in old etonian blazers. Mr Milliband you have a chance to make history and to right the wrongs that these ill informed, self serving dictators. Are you man enough to take on that challenge? I hope so because the only other option is mass civil disobedience and an Egyptian style uprising.

  111. Linda Walsh says:

    I am on disability and was on income support then they completely stopped my money I had to borrow money to live and Esa has been given and taken away from me twice WITHOUT WARNING i HAVE DIABETES …. SEIZURES … ASTHMA … OSTEO ARTHRITIS … SPONDOLITUS AND i SUFFER WITH DEPPRESION AND ANXIETY and a few other things I hardly go out of the house and am in pain 24 7 I think its disgusting the way I have been treated even right now Im scared your going to take it away again its harrastment at its worse I even contemplated more drastic measures to get me out of my living hell I am now in debt because of your actions and yet I have been given the same form again to get back SDA Are you hoping to pick off all the week and sick why dont you just get gas chambers and put us sick people in rather than breaking our spiirit Maybe we might go in a corner and lie down and die Then you can boast Hey we got some sick people off benefit How you sleep at night is beyond me …I totally agree —- Linda Walsh Bebington

  112. Dr. Stephen M. Carty MB ChB MRCGP DRCOG
    Member and Medical Adviser, Black Triangle Campaign.

    1. fibrobabes says:

      This government treat us like a criminal if you are sick! First you can’t get treatment, tests and then they want you back in work within a year if you are in the ESA working group! That is a death sentence!

  113. Adrian Pearson says:

    They don’t care people are taking their own lives and yet they do nothing

    1. ravenswyrd1 says:

      Do you want you name on the letter? Adrian… Dxxx

  114. k mcinally says:


  115. Ramon Corria says:

    Having watched both the dispatches and Panorama programmes I was appalled by the way in which this government and its agencies treats people with disabilities!

  116. John McArdle Founding Member Black Triangle Campaign

  117. Amanda Ward says:

    Amanda Ward

  118. linda austin says:

    Linda Austin

  119. Anthony Bradstock says:

    Anthony Bradstock
    There is week by week extensive documentary evidence held by my MP of how the whole system of ESA and DLA WCA form filling and assessments caused me to SERIOUSLY attempt, not just contemplate, suicide. Because of the nature of my physical and mental illness, I could neither support my family by working (I was finished by my employer on health grounds, inspite of my best efforts to continue), or receive benefits for which i’d worked all my life and paid NI and tax. The thought of me losing our home due to an unsympathetic system became almost too much to live with. Thankfully,my MP, the local police and my GP were able to help me get through the crisis. Please stop this before I have to go through the whole damn thing again. Thank you for your support.

  120. I agree with the content’s of Sonia Poulton’s letter too. I have been twice for an assessment, and it is an arduous, time-consuming and stressful process, all of which serves to exacerbate an already painful condition. I’ve been a Labour voter all my adult life, and not only expect, but demand that the sick and disabled of this country be treated with more compassion. I did not choose to be ill!

    1. ravenswyrd1 says:

      Hi I need a name to put on the letter… Dxxx

  121. helen boylin says:

    Please do not let the vulnerable of our nation down. It is the duty of the Labour Party to stand up for the working class. Please make a stand against the victimisation of the sick and vulnerable.

    1. helen boylin says:

      Helen Boylin

  122. Daughter 27 has Down Syndrome, complex congenital heart defect,pacemaker, poorly controlled asthma and blacks out when pacemaker doesn’t kick in—-all supported by cardiologist and GP
    Assessed by ATOS
    Decision Maker places her on WRAG for 365 days
    Requested form made at her assessment. It states 4 times she is not fit for work can’t they read

  123. fourbanks says:

    I totally agree with and support Sonia Poulton’s Letter.
    Indeed Sonia their have been way to many deaths and i do believe e’d is fully aware and have been personally told this by his office on the phone

    It is most alarming that my tory mp is also aware and turning a blind eye but i do believe that justice will take place at some point as the death toll rises and the police have to step in as I’m sure they will do plus the human rights lawyers in the EC are fully aware of these deaths as are all of the governing bodies of the EU

    Everyone at this time is just playing a waiting game but my gut feeling is someone somewhere will be making a move soon to end this misery affecting thousands of sick and disabled people across the uk and like in all suspense movies this will be a big one

    These acts against mankind can only be swept under the carpet for so long and as in history those ultimately responsible for this welfare reform bill which failed to safe guard the public will end up before the crown court and face prosecution so that justice may be served and that the families of those that have died get to see justice so that their healing process may begin

    1. ravenswyrd1 says:

      Sorry But I need a name at least… Dxxx

  124. sirblimelywindy says:

    Neil Jeffery

  125. Matthew Wheatley says:

    Matthew Wheatley

  126. chelle says:

    MJ Lonsdale

  127. Anne Bradshaw says:

    Anne Bradshaw

    Labour Party member currantly going through the process been disabled all my life and worked for 22 years until disability deteriorated, now made to feel like a scrounger

  128. samantha dobson says:

    I support everything in this letter, I am stuck in the system myself. I don’t choose to be ill, I want to work for a better life especially for my children, however at this point in time I can’t. We could loose evrything so it’s not only me suffring.

  129. Vince Marlow says:

    Vince Marlow

  130. Annette Gavin says:

    Having worked full-time all of my life and contributed to society in a positive way, I now have the unfortunate ill-fortune to be a victim of ATOS and this Government, my crime …… suffering debilitating ill health and poor quality of life …… not assisted by the stress caused by ATOS, who summoned me for a medical, not carried out by a medically qualified person, asked to take them through a typical day …… to be constantly told that my information did not fit the parameters of their questionnaire ……. so would not be included …….

    I had a job, a good job, one that I loved, but was unable to do due to ill health ….. that is the reality that too many face and for that we are penalised and scorned …. …..

    Now if the time to stand up and be counted.

  131. Brian Stenson says:

    Brian Stenson . Fibromalgia, Osteoarthrits, Asthma, Temporamandibular Joint Disorder, Insomnia. Severe pain 24/7 I’m permanently medicated which makes me clumsy and/or pass out. Its not right to say that disabled people would be better off in work then reduce their money because they cant work> I was getting Income support £104pw Now I get ESA £99. How can they say we won’t be worse off? They have remover this years £5pw increase. We still need to pay bills & buy food!!

  132. Karen Ibbotson says:

    Karen Ibbotson

  133. Vanessa Rouse says:

    Vanessa Rouse Sufferer of arthritis, CMP, DDD, fibromyalgia, depression and asthma.

  134. diane says:

    Thank you for your care and concern

    1. ravenswyrd1 says:

      Hi Diane do you want your name on? Dxxx

  135. diane Walsh says:

    Thank you for your care and concern. Where are our human rights in this country, we dont seem to have any if your ill or disabled anymore.

  136. Philip Walkley says:

    Philip Walkley
    Labour’s silence on the attacks on the disabled has been deafening!

  137. Keith Ibbotson says:

    You cannot allow these assessments to continue to put people in to work that are not able to do it.
    The spongers will find a way around the assessments, and those left in the system will be the genuine people who are not able to defend themselves against a flawed and biased procedure.

  138. Cassidy Zombie says:

    Cassidy Zombie (M.E sufferer, age 26)

  139. Thankyou for caring
    Lindsey Wharam

  140. Bri Maxwell says:

    Bri Maxwell

  141. Lorraine Bell says:

    Lorraine Bell

    Very worried about what will happen to my two autistic sons in the future.

  142. Yvonne Troth says:

    I agree with every word of this letter.

  143. Jade Hanratty says:

    Jade Hanratty

    Fully in agreement in this letter.
    Suffer abuse nearly everyday! It’s frightening to go out alone.

  144. kerry baker says:

    My severely Autistic learning disabled child will have to go through this inhumane WCA when she reaches adulthood – please scrap it now.

  145. Gillian Briggs says:

    totally agree

  146. Marilyn Fetcher says:

    Go Sonia! Marilyn Fetcher BL2 5HW

  147. Claire Spiers says:

    Claire Spiers

  148. Gaynor Astbury says:

    I am responding to this as both a manager of an accessibility service and someone who is disabled, with a disabled partner. I have seen vulnerable people spiral into depression and suicidal ideation as a result of the Work Capability Assessment. It is hard enough being disabled in a society which favours the medical model of disability without being presumed guilty of fraud, labelled and bullied by ATOS and DWP.

  149. Thank you for doing this.
    Patricia Hughes

  150. Heather Watson says:

    Heather Watson

  151. Billy May says:

    Billy May

  152. I am worried for my own future. I just see despair and have contemplated suicide thanks to this government.

    1. Sheila Scoular says:

      Sheila Scoular

  153. Samantha Jones says:

    Samantha Jones

    “…the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped. ” ~ Last Speech of Hubert H. Humphrey

    “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

  154. darrellgoodliffe says:

    Darrell Goodliffe,

  155. tinkeratsea says:

    In full support of the letter.

    Christina Cunningham,

  156. Bill Cox says:

    Bill Cox

    I had my Atos ‘medical’ after being unlawfully migrated from my ‘exempt category’ Incapacity Benefit. The process triggered an acute psychotic episode brought on by the anxiety. No time was given to receive reports from my Consultant Psychiatrist. I was put into the Work Related Activity Group of ESA. Despite being 61 years old and Diabetic with COPD and Bi-Polar Disorder. I am currently appealing the decision. I would like to see a clear repudiation by the leadership of the Labour Party of the slander, bullying and propaganda associated with this vile thuggery . They really should hang their heads in shame that it has taken them so long to challenge this clear injustice. They knew very well what was going on and their cowardice has made many disabled people question their commitment to equality and decency.

  157. Lee N says:

    Lee Noon –

    1. Lee N says:

      I have been feeling the same Kyron its so unfair. trying so hard not to worry too much but its really hard.. its been getting me really dipressed alot and usually i’m a very positive happy person and just want to keep going as best i can.. im a T4 Paraplegic paralized from below the nips and any amount of worry or anxiety can cause my body to deteriorate pressure sores.. bladder infections..takes me a good hour to get out of bed with having to fight my leg spasms and pain in my arms.. then spend most of the morning/afternoon in the bathroom with double incontenence, so i only get the evenings free 😦 then just looking after my little flat, every little task takes 2 to 3x more time and effort than able bodied people.. i know this because i was able bodied untill i was 22 (now 32) and then had an accident on my way home from work, so i wasn’t work shy, worked hard all my life until that nearly fatal accident..
      with all the disabled stuff i have to do everyday i just don’t have time or energy to work aswell.. life wouldn’t be worth living..and if my DLA goes i loose my car too so would be house bound 😦
      So basically they taking away my independence and anything good that was left in my life.. might aswell say “here you go mr Cameron, heres my wrists, kill me now” i know it sounds extreme but that is the way this government is making me feel, like they just want us to curl up and die 😦 like as if disabled people haven’t already got enough problems..its like having a 365 day a year job that i hate and can’t get out of….but i’m Gonna try and stay strong… we need to fight and get this sorted fast and stop the suffering of severely sick and disabled.

  158. patsyco says:

    Thank you Sonia from the heart…for your support for vulnerable people, who live in fear..from day to day because of the ramifications of the welfare reform bill on disabled peoples lives,…They go through a door……to be assessed.. and yet again ..go back again….only…….some do not make it…….back through that door again……where have they gone…..comrade in the waiting room out side the door..cries…knows .fear,. her comrade a friend.gone forever. Fear again as ..she .sadly goes through that dreaded door …..wondering if she will ever make it through it again…..wondering why the sick are subject to hate, ridicule…..she sits on the dreaded chair…..and knows …..she is doomed… little money , perhaps homeless…..perhaps no money at all……no medicines…as no benefits ….can appeal….no money..not enough to live on..despair….the chair creaks bringing her back…yes a modern day chair…..but it may as well be a ducking stool , that is how she feels….she sighs….perhaps she should join her comrade….but then..her interview ends….as she goes back out the door……she says to a new waiting comrade….” we are one comrade….let us fight this atrocity now and let the world know ,”

    I live in fear….what next….soon be my turn….cant cope multiple illnesses….sad….this has happened to my friends I see them slipping away each day….Know what that fear is like and adds to pain….it belongs to the past not 2012!!!!!!

    1. ravenswyrd1 says:

      I need a name is it just Patsy?

      1. patsyco says:

        Patricia connor -hopkins

  159. claire gribben says:

    claire gribben supporting my husband with Fibromyalgia

  160. elsie britton. says:

    PLEASE READ AND ACT ON THIS LETTER AND THE FOLLOWING COMMENTS ,Mr Milliband,this needs serious attention.

  161. Mrs Caroline Willett says:

    Caroline Willett –

  162. Dave Lee says:

    the UK is a dictatorship, we are on our second un elected PM now and he is a moron to boot ! send in the UN, we need help and we need it now, the BBC don’t seem interested in real news about real people, just banks.

  163. Jo Buchanan says:

    This approach is quite obscene. The Labour Party MUST challenge what is going on. What kind of society do we live in if this is deemed acceptable?

  164. Liz Borland says:

    Liz Borland

  165. Roy Leslie says:


  166. Bob Borland says:

    Bob Borland

  167. Justyne Tabram says:


  168. Ian Sanders says:

    Ian Sanders

  169. JA Crossley says:

    JA Crossley

  170. L Parry says:

    Please add my name to list

  171. Of course the Poshboys are attacking the sick and long-term disabled: the calculation is they’ll find it hard to fight back and might conveniently die as a result of the stress and ill-treatment. The really black-humorous part is that the amount the Poshboys will save by this disgraceful behaviour wouldn’t buy you a used banker. However there’s no way they’ll have a go at the bankers because bankers are rich enough to fight back and are anyway their friends. I think we can assume that the Labour party is just as full of Poshboys as the Libdems and the Tories… Unless, of course, Labour can bring itself to do its job and act like a real opposition party.

  172. Woops. Forgot my postcode.
    In opposition to the Poshboys in power.
    Patricia Finney,

  173. Brian Merris says:

    Brian Merris

  174. Jade Kerr says:

    You have a new follower 🙂

    1. ravenswyrd1 says:

      Thank you but this is Sonia’s work 🙂 Dxxx

  175. joyce littlejohn says:


  176. Jess says:

    Jessica Hannar
    I have suffered from ME/CFS for the past 12.5 years – at times so severe I couldn’t wash, feed or toilet myself. I have a condition that it IS possible to recover from but I need financial and medical support to do that. Medical support has been less than adequate for most of my illness. If I lost financial support I would be likely to deteriorate. I am still only 35 and if I was given adequate help now could theoretically go on to have a working life for the next 25-30 years. That is up to 30 years where I could be PAYING tax and contributing to society. This short-term cost-cutting of the current government makes me extremely angry – and desperate. I have my ESA ATOS medical next week.

  177. Sandee Mirza says:

    As a mother with ME and a wheelchair user with a daughter with Aspergers the extra costs incurred that DLA just about covers makes our life just about bearable. I live in terror for when we are reassessed as all I’ve read means those with ME and autism are the ones the new system is failing. Frankly scared. Hardly cope now.

  178. Liz Crow says:

    Wonderful letter, Sonia. A thousand thanks. Please add my name: Liz Crow

  179. Sue Wilton says:

    Please read the letter Mr Milliband, and ACT on it, this brutal government cannot be allowed to get away with this for any longer.

    Sue Wilton

    1. Teresa Mcloughlin says:


  180. Jacqui Chaloner says:

    I agree with every word in this letter. Please add my name.

    Jacqui Chaloner

  181. Emma Ducklin says:

    Emma Ducklin

    I used to work for my local county council and have now been retired through ill health. I had to jump through hoops to get the right pension which is now what they call teir one, this is where i, according to the council cannot work for the rest of my working life! Yet with 2 assessments by ATOS (1 actually seen the other from a questionnaire that i filled in) I am suppossedly be able to work. I fall asleep talking to people i am in pain 24/7 i repeat myself consently it takes me ages to hold a conversation. I cannot sit or stand for any length of time. Fibromyalgia (the invisible disability) isnt just Fibro it also consists of 60+ other illnesses with it. The assessors at ATOS dont seem to consider this, just as long as we perform like monkeys, answering their questions and do their exercises. I am no longer entitled to EsA because of being in the work group i have had my years money and now should be working! I am now in the process of taking this to a tribunial i am not fit for work and never will be, no matter how much i would like to be able to go back to work, ( I have worked since i was 12 now 43 retired at 41). Does the Government really want those that are truelly ill in debt, commiting suicide because they cannot see anyother way out of their problems just to reduce the numbers on disability. Wot about those that can actually work that dont want to work what is the government doing about those people?

    1. Kate says:

      If I didn’t have family and 7 grandchildren I would commit suicide as I live in pain 24/7. But sadly my son committed suicide 11 years ago and I couldn’t possibly put my family through all that pain again. I am waiting for the resuts of my medical. But as I can use my fingers I guess I’ll be classed as “fit for work”.

  182. Jan says:

    J. Williams

    Mr Milliband,
    Can you please tell me why the chronically sick and disabled of this country are having to form the only opposition there is to the ideology of persecuting the vulnerable to save money and decimate the welfare state?
    Isn’t being the Opposition what you get paid for on our behalf? If you support this assessment system then say so. If you don’t then say so. We need politicians with courage, decency and honesty.
    If you bring back Purnell, the initial instigator of this vile system, the disabled will not want to vote Labour anymore than they will Tory.
    Speak up or share the blame.

  183. risteard says:

    Richard Birmingham

  184. hazel baker says:

    Hazel Baker

  185. Ken Barker says:

    Dear Ed Milliband
    Please listen to the accounts of those people who receive DLA and adopt & promote policies that recognise their needs, including independent medical advice rather than a checklist designed to exclude many from state support for themselves and their dependants.
    Ken Barker

  186. Linda Redfearn says:

    Linda Redfearn

  187. lesley barrett says:

    great work by Sonia again standing up for us all in the “real” world!

    Lesley Barrett

  188. representingthemambo says:

    Reblogged this on Representing the Mambo and commented:
    Good little open letter from a leftie blogger.
    These are the sort of issues that will test whether the assertion that “Labour has changed” under Ed Miliband is true or not. The Tories policies on welfare and unemployment are vicious, cynical and being implemented by people with not the slightest empathy for how people less lucky (and it is a case of luck) than themselves are being forced to deal with an economic crisis not of their making.
    Chris Grayling is a truly contemptible specimen. He wants to lecture us on the immorality of many benefit claimants and benefit fraud, when by rights he should be in prison for his expenses claims. It really is one rule for most of us and another rule entirely for Tory ministers, who seem to think they operate on another moral plane and can do exactly as they please.
    Labour needs to bite the bullet, ignore the reactionary nay-sayers like Liam Byrne and Jim Murphy, defy the feral right-wing press and take a principled, humanitarian stand on the issue. We can but hope, anyway…….

  189. Jacy says:

    Ms. J. Chimes

    Believing when govern make changes that affect a group of people, to talk to them beforehand about the proposed idea.

  190. cathy says:

    Cathy Trinder

  191. Brian McAlorum says:

    Brian McAlorum

    1. Brian McAlorum says:

      Hello, I’m just new at this techy stuff, just signed up to tweeter yestetday so I could sign Sonia’s letter. Is there anything else I need to do now or submit? Ta very much! @DrJings

      1. ravenswyrd1 says:

        No I’ve put your name on the letter… thanks for your support… Dxxx

      2. The disabled were among the victims of Hitler too.

        I have Fibromyalgia, High Bloodpressure and Cholesterol, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, back problems from years of nursing, severe cataracts, housebound, unable to stand to cook or lift pans, etc. I also have Reactive Depression, stress increases the problems of all these conditions! I am in the DLA process at the moment.

        I have a son who has Hypermobility Syndrome, and possibly also Fibro, currently he is my unpaid carer.

        Jill Malenoir

        Kieran Malenoir

      3. D. Keigher says:

        Life is hard enough as it is trying to recover what limited abilities I have left after my stroke eight years ago but now I have recently been referred to the Mental Health Team after the slow deterioration of my mental health due to no other than the constant ‘benefit scrounger rhetoric’ from the current government. I am made to feel fraudulant with the ‘fake illness sponger’ stories reported daily in the press with the inaccurate percentage of fraud tagged on for good measure and frankly I cannot cope with it all it has made me very scared and anxious to what this evil government are going to do to ‘us’ next. We, as disabled people need support form the opposition Mr Miliband but your silence is deafening.

        I didn’t choose to become disabled, it chose me.

        D. Keigher – Manchester –

      4. S. Palmer says:

        I suffer from mental health problems and this Welfare Reform is making me worse.

        S. Palmer

      5. H.Patten says:


      6. BruichPye says:


        Please help us….the inhumane treatment continues and we need help before more people die.
        Cameron thinks this is all perfectly OK because he had all the money he needed to look after his son. The fact he was touched by disability yet remains so untouched by it is utterly sickening.

      7. Eugene French says:

        Eugene French . The weakest in our society are being made to pay for the excesses of the strongest.

      8. Emma thornton says:

        Emma thornton

      9. Sally Lambert says:

        Sally Lambert

      10. grathuln says:

        Already signed but I also +1 this sentiment.

      11. Sue says:

        Sue James

      12. Andy Foss says:

        Andy Foss
        Generalized Anxiety Disorder [incorporating….well – a lot!], COPD [emph type], Diabetes [with Neuropathy pos linked to Diabetes?], Strangulated Diaphram, Back Pain…..

      13. Linda Atkinson says:

        L Atkinson

  192. Eirlys Dafydd says:

    Eirlys Dafydd


    Delyth Protheroe


  193. Ruth Gilchrist says:

    Ruth Gilchrist

  194. Lindsay Lee says:

    Lin Lee – unrepresented as my MP ignores everything I say…..

  195. alex anderson-field says:

    Alex Anderson-Field

  196. Cindy Nilsen says:

    M.E sufferers are living below the poverty line, dying from secondary causes or committing suicide out of sheer desperation caused by the disgraceful ignorance of the Government of their condition.
    Cindy Nilsen

  197. Fiona says:

    Fiona Symington

  198. These cuts are affecting people who cant fight back,i have to go for an atos assesment next week,im terrified,is it worth me going?it seems as though they have already made there decision to stop anyone with mental heath issues from getting benefits,im suicidal after all i have been reading about atos,im housebound and have been told that i have got to attend a medical,i have severe issues about going out on my own.

  199. Sheila Campbell says:

    Sheila Campbell

  200. James Campbell says:

    Sonia Poulton

    1. James Campbell says:

      James Campbell

  201. Kay Mears says:

    Kay Mears

  202. Sally Davidson says:

    Sally Davidson

  203. Sarah Burrows says:

    Please do something to help us, I have severe M.E. and my QOL is already very poor. Next the Coalition will be issuing vouchers for Dignitas.

  204. carolyn says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with this letter. Something must be done to spot this disgraceful treatment of the sick and disabled. Why aren’t Labour attacking this unjust treatment?

  205. hindle-a says:

    Adrian Hindle

  206. Katie thomson says:

    Katie thomson

  207. Colin-Roy Hunter says:

    Disabled; living in fear for past couple of years; having to take meds again.
    If you are passing this wat, Mr. Milliband, please feel at liberty to drop by.
    Colin-Roy Hunter Esq. B.Ed.(Hons.)

  208. Rob Smith and Lynsey Smith disabled husband and wife both appealing against a totally stupid “fit to work” assessment

  209. Adrian Davidson says:

    Adrian Davidson

  210. Robin Bray-Hurren says:


  211. Ivan Thomas says:

    Ivan Thomas

  212. T KENT says:

    J B KENT

  213. Margaret Rumney says:

    Margaret Rumney

  214. Jacqui Henderson says:

    37 years with depression which was only diagnosed 11 yrs ago as Dysthic Disorder, Allergic Rhynitis, Eczema, history od self harm, Hyper mobilty Syndrome; 28 with OCD, Emotionally unstable personality disorder, Major depressive illness, Gastric reflux, Anemia, Asthma, and irritable bowel, 20 with Friebergs Disease, High Blood pressure, Planter Faciitis, Fallen arches, 7 years approx finally get DLA. Then diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Bile Acid Malabsorption, and Irritable bladder. Was told not to report the changes by the DLA people as my benefit would be stopped while they investigated this and I might not be entitled to anything!! To the Governement since I was a kid to now – Thanks for naff all help until 7 yrs ago and then being told not to report my illness’s! Absolute shambolock that now your telling me that I’m placed on a work and employment support thingy and if I don’t turn up you’ll stop benefit anyway – cheers yet again. Just open a poor house up like olden days and be done wi it eh…………………… shambles !!

    1. Jacqui Henderson says:

      OOOPs, I’m in

      1. Patrick Bent says:

        Patrick Bent

        Yes, I do have a disability.

      2. Caroline Davis says:

        The Labour Party Manifesto, Clause 4 (new) reads:

        “The Labour Party is a democratic socialist party. It believes that by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone, so as to create for each of us the means to realise our true potential and for all of us a community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many, not the few, where the rights we enjoy reflect the duties we owe, and where we live together, freely, in a spirit of solidarity, tolerance and respect.”

        The Labour Party was started for the People, by the People. If the truth is that now the Labour party has been taken over by the Few, and the Freedom referred to in Clause 4 is available only to those who have the physical and mental health to work for a living, then please be honest about it so that we all know where we stand. 1.6 million disabled people have the vote. We would like to know which party to cast it for, and which Party Leader is willing to stand up for us.

      3. Caroline Davis says:

        postcode is

      4. Joe Baxter says:

        Joe Baxter

  215. FRAZ ROBB says:


  216. Pat Walker says:

    Pat Walker

  217. Shirley says:

    Shirley Drabble

    have watched as so many friends have gone through terrible stress before and during the process. I am on unlimited DLA past retirement age now so I don’t think it will personally affect me( though I can;t be totally sure any more!
    I thought yes we need to cut costs but not to the detriment of sick people.
    having enough of a struggle through life without this.
    THis ATOS company need to be looked at very closely and the assessments conducted fairly.They should not receive monetary rewards for the number of people taken off incapacity allowance as they are so unfair in the process.
    There has to be a different way to do this.

  218. Christina Smith says:

    Christina Smith
    Please support this Mr Miliband!, My Husband has a degenerative condition, but somehow 2 yrs after initial assessment for ESA an DLA his condition has miraculously improved, according to ATOS/DWP, even though it is obviously much worse, ATOS/DWP must be accountable for the suffering they are knowingly causing sick and disable people in Britain.

  219. Teresa Bennett says:

    Teresa Bennett

  220. Lyn Phillips says:

    Lyn phillips MS sufferer. Nervously waiting on a decision from my ESA50. I am in Support group at the mo, but for how long!

  221. Joyce Barrass says:

    Joyce Barrass

  222. Erik Zoha says:

    I support the letter – Erik Zoha, Dundee

    1. Jo Collin-Arbon says:

      Jo Collin-Arbon

  223. Olivia Short says:

    Olivia Short

  224. A.Gonzalez says:

    A. Gonzalez

  225. Mags Landers says:

    Mags Landers

  226. Paul Watton says:

    Dear Mr Miliband,
    Please be aware that it is virtually impossible under the current WCA process, for people with poorly understood relapsing and remitting illnesses like ME/cfs, to be assessed fairly. In such circumstances, there is nothing that one can do to avoid having to go to an appeal tribunal. The system is therefore failing thousands of people. Please seek to fix it.

    Paul Watton

  227. Elaine Tilby says:

    Elaine Tilby

  228. Helga Warzecha

    Mother of Danielle Greetham who died suddenly on 5th September 2011. She did not have to go through this inhumane system, but would have had she lived. It is an uncivilised society who could think up such cruel and unusual punishment to mete out to the dying, the chronically ill and the disabled of our society. It brings shame upon us all.

  229. Leigh James, Disabled, Fibromyalgia & Major depressive disorder with severe anxiety amongst other issues. According to ATOS I will miraculously be cured within 12 months and fit to return to work despite the fact that I have an INCURABLE illness, am in pain 24 hours a day and cant leave my home alone. PLEASE please, something has to be done about this process and NOW. People really are dying because of this WCA and the results from it. We know welfare needs reform but this is Dickensian.

  230. Neil says:

    Neil Wilson

  231. Emma Rumney says:

    Emma Rumney

  232. Please also add my Partners name Paul Ferran, Carer)

  233. Mark Romano says:

    Mark Romano

  234. hossylass says:

    Caroline Richardson

  235. tim ponting says:

    Tim Ponting

  236. Sandra White says:

    Sandra White

  237. clare dover says:

    Clare Dover

  238. flora says:

    Flora Cumming

  239. clare dover says:

    Valerie Dover

  240. clare dover says:

    Amanda Dover

  241. clare dover says:

    Craig Arnold

  242. Paul Taylforth says:

    Paul Taylforth

  243. Amanda Middleton says:


  244. Clare Palmer says:

    Clare Palmer

  245. Danielle Heybroek says:

    Danielle Heybroek

  246. D R Prideaux says:

    Qui tacet consentit, Ed.

  247. Why is this government trying to kill me?
    Josie Meadows

  248. Lydia says:

    Lydia Hendry

  249. Nicholas Copley says:

    Dear Ed

    Sonia is right. You need to make a stand against the WCA as it is.

  250. Jennie Holland says:

    jennie Holland

  251. Rosanna SIngler says:

    Rosanna Singler

  252. Lydia says:

    I fully endorse everything said in this letter. Mr Milliband, thousands of chronically sick and disabled people are desperate to hear you speak out against the iniquities of this government’s attacks upon their very right to live. It is no exaggeration to say we fear that a form of Nazism is looming in this country. We are terrified.

    L. Duddington

  253. Catherine Mosey says:

    Catherine Mosey

  254. Victoria Tye says:

    Victoria Tye –
    Robert Hatton –

  255. alfie sharrock says:

    alfie sharrock

  256. kayelemeno says:


  257. Neville Smith says:

    Being directly affected by the WCA I feel I was treated in an inhumane and mechanical manner, I would question that ATOS/DWP knowingly put the lives of people in DANGER!!

  258. Jacky Bafoot says:

    Jacky Barfoot re add me as I was on the other one thats gone down, I have menieres and CRPS, spinal degeneration and fatigue, endometriosis and asthma.. the gov are keeping me existing on a pittance, and I keep been refused dla

  259. Robin Thompson says:

    Robin Thompson

  260. Robert Craig says:

    Robert Craig

  261. Tony Britton says:

    Tony Britton Mr Miliband why are you sitting back and allowing the daily vile assault on those in our society least likely to be able to fight back ? Your deafening silence will make you open to the accusation of being complicit in the deaths of the ATOS victims. Is this what you entered politics for ? Thank god for the likes of John McDonnell and Tom Greatrex. Please get off your backside and do something.

  262. Sandra Arnott says:

    Sandra Arnott

  263. Carl G says:

    Carl Grattage

    Fully support this. Please Labour, instead of being scared of the backlash from the gutter press if you came out and condemned the terrible treatment of sick and disabled benefit claimants, do ALL you can to educate people about how the ‘benefit scrounger’ rhetoric is completely over-hyped and, in the vast majority of claimant cases, patently false.
    Mr Milliband – you were brave enough to stand up to Murdoch over the phone hacking scandal. Now please, be brave enough to stand up to the ConDems and the gutter press over their demonisation of the sick and disabled.
    And, on a related note, may I also urge caution on allowing Labour to be fooled into believing the Workfare scheme is in any way beneficial to jobseekers. It isn’t. It is slave labour. Pure and simple! Create REAL jobs. Offer claimants the COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY choice of volunteer work or work experience. Condemn the slave labour that is workfare.

    1. Ian Young says:

      Ian Young

  264. Graeme Burrell says:

    Graeme Burrell

    [ in case signature in original Google Doc has ‘disappeared’ 🙂 ]

  265. Reblogged this on yvonneparmenter and commented:
    Yvonne Parmenter

  266. Jenna Bielby says:

    Jenna Bielby,

  267. easyvirtualassistance says:

    Paul Cardin

  268. Katherine Carington Smith says:

    Katherine Carington Smith as someone who has been disabled with arthritis for over 12 years, it took me weeks to fill in the WCA form and I’ve been put in the work related activity group. I can’t travel to meetings or assessment interviews, I am incapable of travelling and in constant pain which prevents me from doing any work. There are days when it’s all I can do to feed the cat. I am unemployable because of the various problems which go along with my illness and disability. Filling in the form actually made me significantly more ill than I already was and I fear the future under this inhumane regime which seems to automatically assume I will get better in a few months. My condition will only worsen unless someone comes up with a magical cure which will shrink my grossly swollen joints and mend the defects on my spine. I am 60 this year, is it not a ludicrous waste of taxpayer’s money to harass me because I am disabled? Now also I live in fear of disability hate crimes because of the attitude of the UK government.

  269. sue james says:

    Sue James

  270. pamela sykes says:

    pamela sykes

  271. Maggie Allen ADD, BPD, Anxiety osteoarthritis

    Ann Plant,

    Kirsty Townsley

    Liam Sean McKnight

    Andrew Broadfoot

    Kate Miller

    Emma Summers

    Arthur Rough

    Carole Reynolds

    Kate Rough

    C Smith

    T Smith

    T Smyth

  272. Rik Mosely says:

    Rik Mosely

  273. Ian Jones says:

    Ian Jones aka EdwinMandella

  274. stop vilifying the innocent sick and disabled!!
    Gareth Parfittt

  275. andrea stone says:

    Andrea Stone

  276. Frances Ridgway says:

    Frances Ridgway

  277. sandra pritchard says:

    definately agree, sandra pritchard

  278. pussy22 says:

    Larain Shepherd

  279. Jane Harker says:

    Jane Harker

  280. Tracy Edwards says:

    I am another sufferer with Fibromyalgia. I have had counselling to come to terms with having a chronic illness that has no effective treatment & no cure.
    I worked from the age of 14 until I had my son at 32. Just over a yr after having him I was diagnosed. I haven’t been able to be a proper Mum to him, he’s missed out on so much. Some days I can’t even walk him to the park.
    Now I’m told I’m a ‘scrounger’ & I must prove that I am too sick to work.
    How do you prove you suffer from extreme exhaustion? The sort of exhaustion where putting one foot in front of the other can be too much, where you are so tired you fall asleep while eating a bowl of soup with the spoon still in your hand, yet you cannot & do not sleep at night? The lack of sleep that leads to decreased mental cognitive function, where you cannot form words.
    Please tell me how I’m a ‘scrounger’? I would love to work but I physically CANNOT do it!
    There are not enough jobs for the able-bodied, where are the jobs for the sick?
    Please stand up for us, protect us from this savage cruelty & tell this Coalition Government that we want & deserve to be treated fairly & with dignity!!

    Tracy Edwards

  281. anthony pritchard says:

    totally agre Anthony Pritchard

  282. Chris Dunn says:

    Chris Dunn

  283. Kim Elkin says:

    Supporting anyone that has to deal with this inhumane system.

  284. Emma says:

    Emma Ashley

  285. Im waiting my letter for outcome of ESA change over from incapacity, I scored myself as getting 54 points, but of course being mostly bed bound this does not mean I will score anything in the test never mind the required 15. If I have to appeal I double my chance if I turn up, being bed bound thats pretty hard thing to do! WIN WIN for dwp.

  286. Louise Liu says:

    Louise Liu

  287. Carole Fprd says:


  288. Enough. Time to stand up be counted.

  289. Jan O'Malley says:


  290. Helen Sims says:

    I have had Cerebral Palsy since birth and am unable to walk unaided. I have spent my entire life trying to come to terms with all the things I can never do – which includes becoming a mother. My husband cooks for me because it is too painful for me to stand for long periods of time and as you can imagine it isn’t easy to do one handed (when you need the other for support). I can’t get myself in and out of the bath, or carry things across the room.

    If I lose my DLA the precious little independence I have (which I have fought to hold on to) will be gone. I won’t be able to get a taxi to doctors appointments, visit my friends when I feel up to it, and so many other things.

    I will become even more of a burden on my wonderful husband than I already feel. I love being able to pay some of the household bills too. It might sound silly, but I treasure being able to do that so much. It helps me feel like a normal wife – a normal person.

    This government has taken away most of my self esteem by painting me as a ‘Scrounger’ and lying about figures. I now feel even more worthless than I’ve ever felt before. I am someone’s wife, someone’s sister, someone’s daughter. I am not just a number on a page – none of us are. I’m exhausted and in pain every single day of my life. That won’t stop until the day I die! Can you not see that we suffer enough?!

    The extra anxiety about facing an assessment has sometimes made me physically sick. I have sobbed in my husband’s arms. I did not ask for this. I’m terrified…and I haven’t even had a date for it yet, but it’s hanging over me, adding to the depression and anxiety I already feel.

    I just want my self respect back and the truth told. I would give anything in the world for that.

    Please don’t ignore us.

  291. Paul Clark says:


  292. Jane Russell says:

    Jane Russell

  293. Tony Martin says:

    No more Labour or Tory.

  294. Helen Sims says:

    Oops! My postcode –
    Helen Sims.

  295. As above says:

    Nicholas Csergo

  296. angela plotel says:


  297. Yvonne Buckingham says:

    Yvonne Buckingham

  298. john forwell says:

    john forwell

  299. Daniel Wheeler says:

    Daniel Wheeler.

  300. J VAUGHAN says:


  301. Roger Dudley says:


  302. Nia says:

    Nia Jenkins

  303. Claire Schiavone says:

    Claire Schiavone

  304. Richard Parsons says:

    Richard Parsons,
    I have Dsyfuntional Brain Disorder, i suffer with non epileptic seizures walking and balance problems,weakness, i spend most if my life in bed now its not very nice then i have go through this with atos and dwp! i can hardly leave my house, they dont know the root cause of this illness, i’ve been like this for nearly 2 years, i’ve even been refused treatment & therapy after all the years ive paid my taxes and thats how i get treated!! Disgusting!! the government should be ashamed of themselves especially D Cameron, he should know what its like his son was disabled how dare you put us through this you dont care about anyone but yourself and your own pocket!!!

  305. Christin Smith says:

    My Husbands ESA/DLA have both stopped, even though he has a degenerative condition, was unfit to return to work 2 yrs ago, but then a miracle happened ATOS made him healthy again! and the DWP stopped his benefit, then DLA/ATOS Doctor came to our home and fabricated answers given by Husband and low and behold DLA has also been stopped, now my Husband is a prisoner in his own Home as he can only walk about 25 metres at most without chronic pain, and would find it too painfull to take public transport, and we are now without income so taxis are out of the question… And all this is legal is it,? the ill treatment of the sick and disabled that is being perpetrated by this Government is CRIMINAL! Please support the Disabled and their Carers.

  306. Adam Lotun says:

    Adam Lotun WDA / Workplace Disability Adjustments – Disability Risk Management & Reasonable Adjustments Consultant
    Lindsay Barlow
    Shaaba Lotun
    Tehya Lotun
    Tazanna Lotun
    Mohammed Salim
    Zobie Salim
    Eman SAlim
    Peergawsan Lotun
    Zoubedah Lotun

  307. Bob MacDonald says:

    Bob MacDonald Labour Party Member.
    I agree with every word of this Letter, and fully expect Ed to support this.

  308. Zoe Hughes says:

    Zoe Hughes

  309. Jane says:

    Jane Young

    I signed the letter last night but understand it was hacked!

  310. Kay Vine says:

    Kay Vine

  311. John Harold. says:

    Totally agree, Mr Miliband please stand up for what is right.

  312. Christopher Fairnington says:

    Christopher Fairnington

  313. Judy Bright says:

    My postcode is.

  314. Mark says:

    Sonia Poulton wrote Impartial Common Sense.

  315. Margaret Philipson says:

    Margaret Philipson

  316. Mark says:

    Sonia Poulton wrote Impartial Common sense.

  317. Will Matthews says:


  318. Biggy Ziggy says:

    Adrian Cooper

  319. Tracy Harman says:

    Tracy Harman
    Christine Harman
    David Harman

  320. Adrianne Sebastian-Scott London SE23 3TY says:

    I have multiple sclerosis. I have had it for more than 15 years. I sleep more than 12 hours a day (and that doesn’t count the times I fall asleep when I watch television or the naps I have to take). I regularly fall over and rely on strangers to help me get up. I also get trigeminal neuralgia frequently and a few months ago had had it 24/7 for a year and a half. The pain of TN is extreme. Atos doesn’t count pain or fatigue. The tick-box test is ridiculous. Yes, I can raise an arm over my head with no problem, but only if it’s straight up …. if the angle is increased by a few degrees, I can’t do it.

  321. Linda Pugh says:

    Linda Pugh- suffer from hypermobility syndrome, complex pain syndrome and autonomic nervous system dsyfunction, – resigning

  322. Claire Harris says:

    Fibromyalgia, arthritis , IBS doing my best to stay in work, no quality of life, pain, tiredness and depression – but as benefits are being so harshly cut for those who desperately need them I have to stay in work until I drop…….and then what (feel hopeless)

  323. Donna Wilson says:


  324. Helen Neary says:

    Helen Neary Fed up being, An victim of being victimised by my own government. For being disabled, which I can not do nothing about. Thought the government did not stand for bullying but to me they are the real culprits and bully’s behind my plight and many other too.

  325. Gill Clark says:

    Gill Clark

  326. Jeff Fox says:

    Jeff Fox Totally support this

  327. Sue Lanfear says:

    Supporting the ideals that Labour should have – and tolerating what ATOS do to the sick and disabled are incompatible. Please campaign for change.

  328. Helen Wojciechowski says:

    Helen Wojciechowski
    John Wojciechowski

    I was dismissed from my post when I became chronically ill.
    I applied for ESA when I ran out of sick pay and was told I had no limited capacity to work and to negotiate a return to work with my employers – who were already going through the dismissal process on the recommendations of HR and their own Occupational Health Doctor.
    Shortly after the the WCA found me fit for work my employment was terminated and I applied for an enhanced pension on grounds of ill health. I used the identical information to apply as I had previously used for the WCA.
    My application was accepted without reservation and I was granted the highest possible enhancement of my pension.
    I was one of the lucky ones Mr Milliband – what are the Labour party doing on behalf of the people, like me, who are falling foul of this draconian tick box system that takes absolutely no account of the fact that for some people work is absolutely out of the question no matter how much they would like to be in employment?
    I worked for more than 35 years and was gutted to lose my job and livlihood to a deeply debilitating health condition with no effective treatment or prognosis.
    It’s time someone in a position of power and responsibility took note of the DWP figures which suggest that the vast majority of applcations for ill health benefits are completely genuine and spoke up loudly on behalf of the people who make up those statistics.
    Mr Milliband I hope that person turns out to be you

  329. Sue Marsh says:

    Sue Marsh

    Labour know they have to face up to this. Tinkering around the edges of this is not enough.

  330. lisa buckley says:

    so had my dla taken from middle care and low mob to low care even though the evidence pointed otherwise and was stated in my letter “even though your symptoms are the same/similar i have decided that you no longer qualify for these rates so a pen pusher at the other end of a phone can decide my fate having not met me and who like many know nothing about my illness its a joke

  331. Jenny WIlson says:

    I fully support this letter. The treatment of the very ill is barbaric and inhumane. This country should be ashamed of the inhumanity.

    1. Jenny WIlson says:

      Ooops! Forgot my postcode

      1. sue taylor says:

        I support Sonia Poulton letter to Ed Milliband from Sue

      2. Jenny WIlson says:

        I will also add that my patient helpline was contacted by an anonymous ATOS assessor who was distressed to be ordered to remove support from those she knew to be very sick. She stated that she was very concerned to be forced to inform people with severe ME that they were fit for work. She asked if we could stop this persecution of the sick. At least one ATOS worker has a conscience.

  332. Virginia Moffatt says:

    Dear Ed Miliband,

    I am a political activist, partly because I studied political history for O Level.The rise of the Labour Party, the party of the poor and vulnerable was really inspirational for me. The party of the NHS, the welfare state. NOT the party of neoliberalism that it has become. PLEASE take Labour back to it’s routes and admit WCA was a mistake and join us in the fight to get rid of it.

    PLEASE support Tom Greatrex’s motion on the 4th September. ATOS, the DWP, Tory & Labour governments are killing disabled people. It’s time to stop.

    Virginia Moffatt

  333. Catherine Mollona says:

    Being a natural Labour supporter I am giving you and your party the benefit of the doubt that you truly thought ESA and the WCA would rescue disabled people and help them back to work.

    But after Dispatches and Panorama you can no longer possibly cling to the belief that the system is benign.

    The truth is that there were already tough assessments in place before the WCA (the OECD called them the toughest in the world). There were already schemes to help disabled people into work, if they were able to do some work. The rhetoric of sick and disabled people “languishing on benefits” or “being written off” under Labour is quite false.

    You shouldn’t let the Tories get away with depicting Labour as begetting the “culture of entitlement”. Just as you shouldn’t let them keep blaming Labour for the state of the economy.

    The WCA has been exposed as an immoral spending reduction regime. As Kaliya Franklin said (Independent Blogs) it callously fails to distinguish between a disabled person who, with the right support, AND THE RIGHT KIND OF JOB MARKET, could do some work, and a terminally or chronically sick person who has had to give up work and faces only the prospect of worsening health with the horror of endless reassessments and appeals for financial survival . The idea of mandating them to Work Programmes in CV writing or shelf stacking just adds insult to injury.

    You have to admit to the mistakes of James Purnell and take a stand against the WCA. Otherwise history will judge you badly for your silence and complicity. It’s not just about a rap over the fingers to Atos. The whole system is toxic.

  334. sonia dight says:

    sonia dight

  335. Sedley bryden says:

    This can’t be right in anyone’s estimation. We expect a Labour leader to stand up for and protect the rights of disabled people. Silence will not cut it

  336. colette says:

    from 1 of their victims

  337. FutureMrsIzz says:

    Siân Harris,

  338. David F-A M41 6JU says:


  339. Emma Fowler says:

    Emma Fowler, Have EDS type 3, POTS, ME (since age 8/ 22yrs and counting) and BPD.

  340. Russell Dunkeld says:

    Russell Dunkeld (“Fit for work” with Leukaemia) Morecambe, Lancs.

  341. John Bird says:

    Get Labour re-elected on what it does not because of what the coalition has done.

  342. Diane Johnstone says:

    Diane Joh .

  343. diane howells says:

    Diane Howells

  344. Vicky Ayling says:

    Vicky Ayling

    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (a progressive neurological condition causing severe pain), Fibromyalgia, Dysautonomia, Hypermobility Syndrome among many other conditions.
    Why would I give up a well paid, well loved job as a clinical pharmacist for the NHS to live on benefits if I had a choice? The WCA is not fit for purpose and failing many many people with genuinely severe disabilities. Worse, if you manage to [metaphorically at least] jump thro all the DWP hoops, you are immediately plunged back into the assessment process….surely a waste of money for those with progressive conditions. Certainly harrassment of those least able to deal with it. Worse still, the hatemongering of the current government, and rise in hate crimes as a result. Disgraceful.

  345. m wojtaszek says:

    M Wojtaszek

  346. Steven Roberts says:

    Steven Roberts

  347. Eomunda says:

    What a nasty piece of work that by that hacker! but we will not be beaten! Way to go Sonia!
    P Davis

  348. David says:

    David Kerrell

  349. Joanna Adams says:

    Joanna Adams.

  350. Graham Sweeting says:

    Graham sweeting

  351. sam walshe says:

    Samantha Walshe

  352. celia56 says:

    Celia Lawton-Livingstone

  353. Sandra White says:

    Yvette Broadhurst

    Sandra White

  354. I am one of those who has been affected by this and I appreciate what is being done here on our behalf

  355. Cheryl says:

    Cheryl Moncrieffe

  356. Brian Dempsey says:

    Brian Dempsey
    35 years of age and thankfully never been off work or prevented from working through illness. But appalled at the punishment of the sick and vulnerable meted out by the Government and ATOS.

  357. tamsin hayes says:

    tamsin hurst

  358. Michelle Nix says:

    Michelle Nix

    I’m a mental health support worker, unable to work currently due to chronic ill-health, currently waiting for tribunal for DLA following a report from an ATOS doctor which was full of inaccuracies, misrepresentation and downright lies. Just waiting for WCA now. Do they not think I would rather be doing the job which I love???? Come on Labour, I’ve always supported you – now is definitely the time to step up to the plate!!!!!

  359. Michael D Hawkins says:

    We genuinely do have a big problem with scroungers in this country who simply cannot be bothered to work, and live off the taxes I pay, earned by working full time. This problem should be dealt with sooner rather than later. However, the actions of the dishonest minority should not result in the genuine majority being effectively punished.

    1. Michael D Hawkins says:

      Michael D Hawkins

  360. Charles Forth says:

    Charles Forth

  361. Tracey Sheppard says:

    Tracey Sheppard

  362. J Harrod, – I have MS and just had to leave a job after 2 1/2 years because the stress and lack of support precipitated my worst relapse since my diagnosis in 2003.

  363. Tim Leahy says:

    Tim Leahy

  364. angela mackay says:

    angela mackay

  365. Charles Gormley says:

    Charles Gormley

  366. Hazel Quinn says:

    Since a small child I have been beaten and kicked, spat on, for being paralysed and being in unbearable pain throughout my whole body yet still this government says I am ‘making it up’. I cannot get DLA to repair my mobilioty scooter, I live on handouts from friends and work in agony, often from my bed, for as little as a pound an hour to make ends meet. Even though sick in my teens I earned major money and made companies massive profits. But no… I am making this up to live in poverty. The Atos doctor who came to asses me in my home didn’t mention all the medication I’m on, didn’t mention my NHS wheelchair, mobility scooter, etc but he DID mention my dyed hair 4 times in his report and moved my doctor’s surgery 100 metres so it looked like I walked long distances to get there (my doc’s report said about my attendning in my chair anyway)! Due to lies I am in a terrible place and those that do this, including the Atos doc and Atos itself, make huge amounts on the back of my suffering. The last tribunal I had I was shouted at. I knew more about the relevant laws than the solicitor heading the tribunal and I said that I would have the right to appeal and watse the country’s money id he ignored me and the law…. he ignored me, the courts granted me the right to appeal…he got his considerable wages and the country is left pciking uyp the tab. He will never be admonished or penalised… I am being left without monies to live on. I have a home help in 7 days a week, and NHS wheelchair, have never had children because I could never care for them. but not entitled to disability monies to live on. I can’t fight anymore…. done so since I was a child and the beatings, when does it end?

  367. Loraine North says:

    Loraine North

  368. Donna McDonald says:

    Donna McDonald

  369. Sarah Long says:

    Sarah Long

  370. A K says:


  371. agree with everything said, a right mess

  372. Clair Worsfold says:

    I am disabled and work as an employment advisor on the work programme. I am regularly shocked at the number of seriously disabled people forced to participate in this when they are clearly unfit for work. Some are waiting for major surgery, others have serious mental health isssues and I have to drag them in every fortnight and talk to them about what sort of work they think they can do. Whilst I firmly believe that disabled people who are able to work should do so, I think it is ridiculous to expect employers to hire anybody waiting for major surgery who will soon be on the sick long term. My very limited and valuable time (I carry a caseload of 100 peplease do not publicise my identityople) could be far better spent working with the people who are the real scroungers and others who are able to work and who need help finding a job than be paying lip service to these seriously ill people who should be in the support group. I would be grateful if you don’t publicise my details thank you.

  373. Derek Benyon says:

    I wworked without a break for over 40 years. During that time I paid many thousands of pounds in tax and N.i. I am now 64 years of age, sick for 7 years with M.E. and because I am on benefits I am a “scrounger”? I PAID MY DUES! I feel I am owed some compassion and a little bit of the money I PAID IN to help those who went before me. God help thode who come after me!

  374. Derek Benyon says:

    also oops

  375. caroline brown says:

    caroline brown . I have been through so many appeals and even been as far as the upper tribunal. I met with an upper tribunal judge and the report he wrote was in my favour, and described my hearing with the tribunal judges as flawed, and a breach of the law. I have fibromyalgia, depression, ocd, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome. As part of the fma I have muscle spasms which sometimes are so bad in my face I cant talk. I am in the work related group of esa. I felt lucky that I was in that group than knocked off again, until I read the atos report of my assessment which was a contradiction of everything the doctor said to me

  376. Julie Chapman says:

    Julie Chapman

  377. Liz Thompson says:

    Fiona Geoff makes valid points. This would save money, reduce stress on people who are really too sick to work. And why make people work till 65-68 when so many young people need a job.
    Are MP’ so out of touch with what is really going on. The Jobcentre is a joke, SEETEC (back to work program provider) doesn’t train anyone, they just stress people out and suck mega bucks from the goverment for programs that dont work. You cant get a job if there are NO jobs. If able bodied people cant get a job, what chance do we have?

  378. heathet brown says:

    heather brown

  379. ggmb says:

    Hugh Wark

  380. Caroline Verner says:

    Caroline Verner Psoriatic Arthritis, Post thrombotic syndrome. The ATOS doctor didnt know what Post thrombotic syndrome was so wouldn’t include it in my examination.

  381. C Nowell says:


  382. ojbrookes says:

    OJ Brookes

  383. I also signed yesterday on the original letter, but am glad to do so now on this replacement letter. I’ve voted Labour all of my life, (except once, for tactical purposes in a Tory stronghold) and I believe that we need to stop being diverted from socialist ideals in the hope that capitalism will improve things from the top down. That’s been given a long trial period since Thatcher and through Blair. It’s failed miserably.

    We need a leader to stand up for justice, fair play and compassion for those in society who have fallen by the wayside, through illness or misfortune. Socialism is an ideal which must no longer be kept down to pacify the banking system and global corporations – we are human beings, not robots.

    “There but for the Grace of God go I ” is a maxim which should be deep in our hearts. I know from my own experiences what disasters can fall on those who lose their livelihood through illness, having had ME/CFS for 27 years. I know what it’s like to never have a holiday, to wear second-hand clothes and never go out for entertainment or socialisation because every penny is accounted for. Those of us who are sick long for the chance or the ability to work alongside our healthy fellows, yet we haven’t even got the strength or the wherewithal to barter and trade or do favours and gain mutual support from the rest of society. We need extra allowances above the most basic levels just to survive and to pay for help in doing even the smallest tasks which others take for granted.

    Travelling to hospital costs money, even parking there costs so much when you live at this level. I’m on the old incapacity Benefit, and I’m dreading the day when the ESA forms arrive. I’m also dreading the day when the new PIP scheme begins and probably takes away my DLA. If I fail the criteria, which will undoubtedly be very severe and administered in the similar way to the DWP’s instructions on ESA/WCA, then I know that years of dire poverty will stretch out before me – probably no more Internet, no more antibiotics (I have Lyme disease, which the NHS refuses to treat), and no switching on the heating when my body temperature drops. All this makes the idea of life ahead really frightening, and the illness is already terribly painful, and isolating.

    Mr Milliband, I ask you to please stand up for the socialism and the compassion that blossomed after WW2 and which made Britain a really great country.

  384. Suzanne Langstaff says:

    Suzanne Langstaff

  385. David Newman says:

    I fully agree with Sonia’s point outlined in her letter. The ATOS assessment is a national disgrace. It is appalling. It should be scrapped instantly.
    David Newman

  386. Nick Hughes says:

    Nick Hughes BH25 5UN

  387. Liz Thompson says:

    Dear Ed, can you find a job for a 58yr old black man with dreadlocks, who now has mental issues and mobility problems due to a stroke ? He was a HGV driver. Camerons goverment thinks he can get a job, what planet are they on ? Continued assesments make him more stressed, he scores 0 even though his doctor says he is not fit for work. Does Cameron really think we would prefer to be on £111 p.w rather than go to work and get 4 times as much ?

  388. Tim Gatty says:

    . 38 years of severe mental illness



    1. D Dhorne says:

      I’m sure that what the lady says above is not true. There must be an error in the job centre’s computer information. Even this government are not expecting women to work until the child turns five (it used to be 7, which in my view shows a lot more concern for the children). Your daughter should be entitled to I.S and other benefits I believe. I would see the CAB.

      I do wholeheartedly support the contents of the open letter. Stop vilifying the sick and disabled. In a democratic country shouldn’t we all care for each other in times of need?

      1. ravenswyrd1 says:

        Im sure you cant be forced to work till your child is five… and yes she needs to visit a CAB… Dxxx

  390. Lucia says:

    Lucia Tkacikova

  391. M Thomson

    J Thomson ex Royal Marines, medically discharged after 23 years due to service acquired injuries. Diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis (badly affecting fingers, wrists, toes, ankles & hips) about 5 years after leaving service. WCA for transfer from IB last year scored 0 won appeal March 2012 scoring 24 and placed in WRAG. Less than 2 months later sent another ESA50 now yet another stressful wait to hear what happens next!

  392. Tony Ward says:


  393. Claudia Oxer says:

    Claudia Oxer

    disabled single single Mother of three small children…

  394. Kristy Barker says:

    Kristy Barker

  395. REVAMP says:

    T Winterton

    Please listen to the people

    1. REVAMP says:

      Z Keeling

  396. mike says:

    lets hope ed will do the job we all hope he can do
    this government seems hell bent on social genocide

  397. Fiona says:

    Fiona Bruce
    In what world is it acceptable to treat ill and vulnerable people in such an appalling way. The level of stigma and hatred, fear and stress I have been forced to live with in the last 18 months or so has made my illness far, far worse. It is bad enough to have to live with the chronic pain, exhaustion and limitations of being chronically ill and disabled, without being treated like some kind of criminal. It must also be remembered that illness and disability are not the same thing. Someone who is disabled may well be able to work with support and adaptations in the workplace. Someone with a debilitating illness is not able to do that. People don\’t seem to be able to grasp that distinction. Labour must stand up and fight for us or go down in history as the party that stood by and allowed these atrocities to happen. Have the guts to admit Labour got it wrong with the WCA and ESA. it is way past time for you to speak out on these issues, and not only speak out , but ACT.

  398. samedifference1 says:

    Sarah Ismail

  399. Garry Cooper says:

    The Labour party needs to be more vocal on this and many other issues. The Coalition is teetering and now needs more shoving to really set it rocking

    1. Garry Cooper says:

      Oops i’m IN Cornwall

  400. Thomas Butler says:

    Thomas Butler () – Labour & Co-Op Party Member –
    Unite Union Regional Disability Committee (Member)

    Former employee of Mencap Liverpool – a charity that worked with people with learning disabilities, some of whom had been victim to ATOS assessments.

    Personally I suffer from Aspergers Syndrome and have past experience of being assessed by ATOS.

    I am SERIOUSLY CONCERNED for individuals with Downs Syndrome/Learning Disabilities and Autism particularly going through a flawed Benefit & Medical Assessment process.

    Not only is the eligibility and medical assessment process utterly piss poor and costing the taxpayer a tonne of wasted money- even the SUPPORT component of the benefit – either to assist the individual in finding a job (only 8% of people with learning disabilities have a job) – has a pathetically low success rate for moving a claimant WHEN THEY FEEL READY (unliked the Co-ercion process used right now) into employment, as well as poor feedback about the support and advice from the individual themselves.

    What we need is an assessment that is done by NHS Specialists/Doctors- with care,compassion and a respect for the individual and, yes, a degree of pragmatism – with encouragement if the person lacks confidence or is worried about how they’d deal with their own disability if they where at work….instead of accusing them of ‘milking the system’ which the process basically does now along with the media and many of the gullible general public.

    Then we need the actual benefit – ESA/Incapacity – to be based NOT around being ‘too sick’ for work – but NEEDING MORE SUPPORT and help to get a job and into work. The average person with Aspegers/Autism takes 18 Months – THREE YEARS to get a job – yet such a timescale out of work on Jobseekers Allowance would render them liable to sanctions which would only worse their condition and make them more vulnerable.

    We need essentially a new Jobseekers Benefit SPECIFICALLY for and with the needs of disabled people taken into account…….then a specific group for individuals who are severely disabled or terminally ill.

    Remove co-ercion – remove conditionality – and make the DWP and their advisors actually start SUPPORTING people than beating them with a stick.

    All these concerns and requests I hope The Labour Party, Ed Milaband and the Shadow Cabinet take note of and listen to before the situation gets even worse than it already is with many benefit claimants having already committed suicide.

  401. Anna Brinck-Davis says:

    Anna B-D

  402. peter stewart says:

    peter stewart

  403. Jane Russell says:

    From the Equality & Human Right Commission website THE PARTS MARKED **** ARE ESPECIALLY INTERESTING
    Article 27 Work and employment
    Article 27 says:
    Disabled people have the right to earn a living through work that they freely choose and in workplaces that are accessible and inclusive.
    Governments should promote this right to work by:
    ensuring disabled people are protected against discrimination in employment and are entitled to reasonable adjustments
    ensuring disabled people can access work experience
    ensuring disabled people enjoy fair working conditions, the same union rights as others and protection against harassment
    employing disabled people in the public sector
    promoting career development for disabled people including through access to training opportunities
    promoting self-employment and employment in the private sector
    supporting disabled people to stay in or get back to work.
    ****Disabled people should be protected against forced or compulsory labour.****
    What does this mean?
    This is not a right to employment, but a duty on government to create conditions which promote the equal opportunities for disabled people to start earning a living through work.**** It is also a protection against being forced to work****, and it gives disabled people right to access and non-discrimination in work. It could be used to demand more action to address discrimination during recruitment.


  404. Craig Davis says:

    Craig Davis

  405. averilpam says:

    Pam Southernwood

  406. Jim Hall says:

    Jim Hall

  407. Rachael Kirby says:

    Rachael Kirby full time carer for husband who has been ill for the past 15 years since we were both only 25 years old. Sick & tired of all the lies in the press & labelling us all as feckless, workshy, scroungers. Where would the Government be without us who care? Life is tough & this Government are making it worse.

  408. Rachel says:

    May common sense and decency prevail.

  409. Richard Allardice says:

    Thank you for highlighting the truth about disability and Labours disgraceful lack of interest and compassion GeForce those in need
    Richard Allardice

  410. steve clark says:

    Hi Im Steve Clark in

  411. Katie Godfrey says:

    Katie Godfrey

  412. Thomas Butler says:

    Furthermore we, the disabled community would request any future Labour Government set up a Royal Commission into the discrimination, hate crime, media coverage, employment, inclusion in wider society and experience of the welfare system for Disabled people.

  413. Eirlys Dafydd says:

    Amanda Adlem

  414. Molly Clery says:

    Mr Milliband, your admission that the ATOS system was a mistake (even if it WAS Labours creation) and your condemnation of it, will only win you votes in the next election. It’s a very sensible position to take. Please stand up.
    I fully support this letter.
    Molly Clery,

  415. Effric Smith says:

    Effric Smith

  416. Beverley Rawsthorn
    Paige Rawsthorn

    People who have disabilities or are sick do not ask to be that way, life is difficult enough we shouldn’t have to go through these humiliating and degrading forms and WCA’s for help and support of ESA and DLA. Figures of less than 0.5% fraud are reason to celebrate not attack the majority of us who do genuinely need the help. We are not scroungers and we have worked and we have families, we have things to show for our lives and have that right. Turning on disabled and sick people and taking their help and support away is a sign of weakness as for as I am concerned, an easy way out. I hope you are going to man up and put a stop to all of this mess and show the rest of the world we are a Great country, we do take care of our vulnerable, we have a social security system to beat all others, we are a civil society, we are going to move forward not backwards we are Great Britain.

  417. Tracey Robbins says:

    T Robbins

  418. Rachel Pembro says:


  419. Christopher Hoggins says:

    Christopher Hoggins

  420. Gavin Miller says:

    Gavin Miller

  421. Alayne Krawczyk says:

    Alayne Krawczyk
    Mark Krawczyk
    Alan Marshall
    Shannon Petrie

  422. dARREN nELSON says:

    Darren Nelson

  423. Margaret R Keavey
    Eddie Keavey

  424. Ian Warde says:

    Ian Warde

  425. nollyprott says:

    All this apparent Corporate Nazi attitude towards welfare and particularly the new ESA can be traced back to one man namely celebrity stock market parasite David Freud, who Gordon Brown hired to reform the benefits system. Freud left Labour in a ” hissy fit ” and defected to the Tories who welcomed him with open arms and made him Lord David Freud. Its this unelected guy who is dictating welfare policy in the UK, IDS was only a figurehead lent credibility but a study he was alleged to have undertaken. Nevertheless, its no excuse for Chris Grayling to be a wannabe Himmler, and the Labour party under Ed Miliband would appear to endorse current government policy, they are all ( including the soon to be obliterated Lib-Dem’s and growing UKIP ) just as Corporate Nazi as each other !

  426. gill food says:

    Gill Food
    Like Jane Young, I also signed this last night via google docs but if it was hacked I want to make sure my name is added, so am putting it here too. Thank you for speaking out Sonia.

  427. christine says:

    hi …..i’m not a person to notice much around me normaly but i have noticed a change in how ppl look at me, i believe the government is insighting hatred and breeding total contempt for the sick and disabled ..along with the misconception of the the money we are paid. i earned £2000 pm that was 1994…so i’m sure they should understand we do not want to be ill sick money is not nearly close to my wage and the pride i had. People need to try and live on sick pay for a fair period of time and then see if they think ppl like to be ill.

  428. Dave Manley says:


  429. Fiona Goffe says:

    Posted by Fiona Goffe on Wednesday, August 1, 2012

  430. Lucy Benoit says:

    Lucy Benoit 10 years of fibromyalgia and depression. Can’t look after my daughter (who lives with my mum) and can’t look after myself but keep getting found fit to work even though i am in constant pain from head to toe.

  431. Mel Eggleton says:

    Melanie Eggleton

  432. Yvonne Batenab says:

    signed earlier today but this may now not be showing

    1. Yvonne Batenab says:

      Ooops should be Bateman

  433. rachel says:

    Rachel, might not look ill but desperately ill inside, Disabled suffering from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy… completely incurable, but according to ATOS i will be cured and fit for work despite needing an ICD to ensure my life continues!
    DL5 area

  434. yvonneparmenter says:

    Yvonne Parmenter

  435. mtb matty says:

    mtb matty

  436. Tracy bayliss says:

    I support the letter
    Tracy bayliss

  437. jane says:


  438. Toks says:

    Toks Timson

  439. David Haymes says:

    David Haymes,

  440. bengu shail says:

    Totally agree with the contents of this letter. Bengu Shail, cancer patient, charity worker and former documentary maker.

  441. G F-Moor says:

    Mr Milliband…… Take heed………………This nonsense has to stop and the ball is in your hands. You have the power to make a difference.. one that matters.. Please examine your conscience.

    G Franckeiss-Moor

  442. Craig Diver says:

    Craig Diver, Ive got an ATOS assessement due in a few weeks!

  443. Rob Spiller says:

    Rob Spiller

  444. Sue Howley says:

    Sue Howley

  445. Dez Gray says:

    Dez Gray

  446. Mandi Riseman says:

    Please do all you can, please, please

  447. Dawn says:

    Dawn Mckenna

  448. Kate Rigby says:

    I added my name before but someone said it had been hacked so adding it again. Just in case. Oh and can you add Ann Rigby too? Thanks

  449. Sarah Thompson says:

    Sarah Thompson

  450. Paul Jennings says:

    My partner is a long-term sufferer of ME. We dread the day her assessment comes and the likely impact on her health and our life together. Like many of this government’s policies, it has little to do with improving life in the UK and everything to do with ideology… there is a special corner of hell for those who prey on those less fortunate than themselves!