Great blog… as a mum with a child who has communication issues i find this proposed cut very worrying… Cornwall has a similar problems…Dxxx

Disability in Furness

I have heard some shocking things about this county of ours but what I have heard just now about the future of speech therapy in Cumbria has really made myself and other parents livid.

Most of the parents I speak to haven’t seen hide nor hair of a speech and language therapist or if they do it’s very rarely. A few have what you might call regular sessions and they value them greatly. My point is that they are already a scarce resource here in Furness. And they are about to become endangered it would seem!

The county is holding a speech and language review, very likely resulting in compulsory redundancies, probably targeting the most experienced therapists and regrading of remaining staff. This will increase workloads on an already stretched service, as well as increase waiting times for diagnosis and statementing and will seriously hinder the implementation of the Government’s…

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