An excellent blog from Jane Young in regards to the dangers inherant in the new PIP criteria… Well said Jane… Dxxx

Jane Young

The Government wants to take away my wheelchair accessible vehicle. Oh, they haven’t told me personally, of course, they don’t need to. They’ve just decided that if I can walk more than 20 metres (which they may decide I can, as I still walk around my home) I no longer have need of it, and the independence it represents. The detail is explained in my last post:

This week I’m using my vehicle to go to stay with a friend in Kent for a couple of days, just for a bit of a break. It’s rather complicated, because I have to take large specially-made supports to shape the bed, my specialist pressure-relieving mattress, oxygen cylinders and a veritable pharmacy of medication, not forgetting plenty of morphine. But the important thing is, I can go; and I can also go to hospital appointments, support my elderly mother and her disabled…

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  1. Gary Currington says:

    You seem to be able to stand and walk with ease and if you can walk about your house with out the use of a wheel chair then am sorry you and people like you have know right to be on such benefits.The type of car you have ramp etc is what i would expect to see for someone with maybe severe spinal problems neck broke maybe things like that but not for yourself as you just dont look to me if you need such a car and all that goes with it.

    1. ravenswyrd1 says:

      Gary your ignorance of other illness and invisible illness is showing… Dxxx

    2. ravenswyrd1 says:

      The mantra ‘You Dont Look Sick’ is notorious looks don’t mean anything in chronic illness and disability.

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