So moving the most frank description of the life for those with MH problems are facing in Britain in 2013. Please read… Thank you from the bottom of my heart Paula for you honesty, courage and continued campaigning… Dxxx

I think I had better start at the beginning.  That dreadful time in the summer of 2010 when David Cameron and Nick Clegg formed the Condem government.  A dreadful nightmare that quickly became the harsh reality.  I listened to all David Cameron’s speeches.  The “We will get disabled people off benefits and back into work, work will pay, why should the hard working people of this country pay for those languishing on benefits?  They work hard, long hours, while others scrounge off the system and lie in bed behind their closed curtains”….Oh yes, I remember those speeches well, I can still see the hatred in his eyes every time he mentioned the word “Welfare” and the words “benefit claimants”  We were not, and we are not human beings to him.  To Mr David Cameron, we are not human beings we are described as stock, a number, valueless and useless, not…

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