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Just had to share this with you all… made me giggle… Dxxx

‘I’m not talking to Spartacus’


Disability Matters UK Launch

Hi folks

Today I’m extremely pleased to announce the launch of Disability Matters UK which is a project I have been involved with for most of the last year.  It is the idea of three people myself, Beth and Kathy. We have all one way or another worked with the We Are Spartacus Network campaign over the last year or so and continue to support their effort in regards welfare reform.

DMUK will be slightly different in as much as its not a campaign group as such but seeks to improve things for sick and disabled people over a broad spectrum of issues by harnessing the power of the individual in action. By helping individuals to improve their experience of services etc. We hope to improve it for all of us…

Any way the Disability Matters UK Blog is up and running today with a far better explanation of what we are about than I’ve given here. Over the next week more info will go up and we will be beginning the first of what i hope will be many projects designed to improve services, understanding and our place in society for us all…Dxxx

Disability Matters UK

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