1st Tory MP’s response to stats lie challenge. It’s a beaut..

MPs start to respond to stats lies… from Skwawkbox… Dxxx


A few days ago, I asked SKWAWKBOX readers to write a specific email to their coalition MPs. I had tried to structure the email to cut down radically on any ‘wiggle room’ that MPs might use in sending a ‘cut and paste’ response from their party HQ – or at least would let them know that any failure to properly address the issues would be exposed on this blog.

Well, the first response has already been received. I have to give Justin Tomlinson, Conservative MP for Swindon north, full marks for speed of response, and credit for writing his own reply rather than sending a rote, sanitised answer pre-approved by Tory Central.

But there, I’m afraid, the praise has to end. The reply he sent to his constituent was astonishing for its complete irrelevance to the questions posed and the arrogance that it takes to write an answer that so blatantly…

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