Need Not Cost… DLA, PIP, ESA

Mr Osborne in his Comprehensive Spending Review yesterday included disability benefits in to the overall cap, this has to be the most disgusting act in regards to disability benefits in recent years…

Including disability benefits in the cap once and for all shows the colours of our Tory government, this one move finally removes any doubt that this government is  working in the interest of those in need, and is in fact callously removing support to the most in need in every way possible to them.

Including it in the cap removes the award of benefit based on need and replaces it with the emphasis on cost. What will happen when the budget runs out and there are still people in need of support? That’s a question no one is answering…

Please Highlight this issue we need to fight this look at Sue Marshes Blog as she explains it more eloquently than me…

Big Hugs People




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