This is Rumour Control… These are the Facts…

We are being misled again this time by our new “Minister of

State for Work and Pensions” Mike Penning

Mike Penning has begun his career as the new Minister of state for work and pensions, by using the same misleading tactic of his predecessors…
Manipulating stats to make all DLA/PIP claimants look like they do not deserve their benefit because they haven’t been assessed in a face to face with the DWP… In an article in the Daily Mail with the extremely misleading head line “Disabled benefits farce: 94% of new claimants have never been assessed by a doctor” 

He said “Only 6 per cent of new disability benefit claimants have a face-to-face assessment with a medic, it has been revealed.”

 Implying that only a small amount of claimant are getting benefits they are entitled to…

But the truth is far more revelling…

DWP “Medical Examination Report states that:

6% of claimants were actually seen face to face by a DWP engaged assessor.

40% by a GP,

10% on the claim form they submitted alone. Often clearly the most disabled 

45% on “other evidence” perhaps a community psychiatric team or a consultant

Getting the full picture is important

Ministers that continue to misuse stats, show us that they cannot be trusted to work for us as disabled people or care about us as voters.

It seems the Stats campaign has another member to add to the list. A growing list of ministers and MPs that regularly mislead the public and parliament in order to justify their cuts that disproportionately hit the sick and disabled.

Sue Marsh has done an excellent blog about this at Diary of a benefit scrounger.

The fight goes on… Dxxx

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