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Well, we finally did it! We submitted the petition on Monday 18th at 2pm and here’s the article in the Mirror as proof… keep your eyes peeled for an article in the Independent on line as well… Thank you all so much for helping us to get there, we are forever in your debt… when i get a chance to catch my breath I’ll tell you a bit about the day… D and Jxxx


It seems such a long time since that day at the beginning of April when i said to Jayne Linney on FB ‘you know someone should write that woman (Esther McVey) a letter’ and Jayne said something like ‘You up for it Deb’… This was in response to yet another out pouring of bile and spin from our erstwhile minister for the disabled who not only left her post but took the post with her… :$

Well, since then not only have we written an open letter to McVey that received 866 signatures. Several follow-up letters as well a dozens of emails to various Mps. We’ve done lots of blog posts that I hope you’ve been following and we have tweeted ourselves in to flare ups… 🙂

The Petition to hold Ian Duncan Smith Mp to account for his use of stats, which grew out of our open letter,  has reached 105.053 signatures and will be hand delivered to Lis Kendell Mp and Kate Green MP at 2pm on Monday at Portcullis House main entrance… We would love to see some of you there if you feel up to it 🙂

At this point I would like to say a few thank you’s

Firstly to Jayne Linney for kicking me in to action and for all her work with me on the open letter and petition it will be lovely to finally meet you.

To Beth Gregson without whom none of the letters would have been written and who has held my hand through many a scary day in the last year. I’m also looking forward to meeting you… My son is very excited about meeting BETH… lol

To Jayne Young for amazing Grammar skills and disability knowledge I bow to the vastly more experienced… 🙂

To Declan Gaffney who made sure all our stats where ship-shape and bristol fashion, how I envy you math types… I haven’t a clue, we are so in your debt for keeping our stats straight and coherent… 🙂

To Michael Meacher MP, Anne Begg MP Sheila Gilmore MP, Liz Kendell MP and Kate Green MP and any I’ve missed out, who have advised on procedures, kept us up to date on what’s happening or who have demanded answers from the DWP on all of our behaves… Thank You…

To John Bald, Allan R Williamson, Patricia White, Helen Sims, Sandra Martin, James Ventham and Jayne Linney again for letting me abuse your images in the name of campaigning ill be using them again soon lol…

And last but defiantly not least to Everyone who signed our open letter, who signed, shared and RT our petition as well as those that donated to the cost of going to London… with out any of your support I would not be making a six-hour journey to London…  so EEK! thanks for that 🙂 lol

This is YOUR petition and as we know IDS is scheduled to meet with the Work and Pensions Committee Select Committee on Dec 9th…

I know I will not be alone in watching with interest… Dxxx

Have You Signed WOW?

If you are sick or disabled or support those that are and live in the UK please sign the WOW petition it asks government to do an impact assessment of all the cuts to benefits and services such as DLA and social care that effect the sick and disabled. This petition is so close to 100,000…  Dxxx

The WOW petition: relaying this news that could get us to the 100K from Benefits and Work

WOWzers, this news is huge, this news could take us beyond 100,000 signatures.
#WOWpet via @WOWpetitionchat

Hi folks

Well as you know we are going to meet with Liz Kendal and Kate Green on the 18th of November.

To submit our Petition about the DWPs use of stats asking the Work and Pensions Select Committee to hold Ian Duncan Smith to account, for his and his ministers use of stats to paint a dark and inaccurate picture of those on benefits, especially those on DLA and ESA.

Well, we thought as well as inviting you those who signed our petition all 104,696 of you to attend the hand over.

We would like you to make a comment about how the use of Stats by the DWP has effected you, whether that’s emotionally, physically or if you have been a victim of hate crime.

How has the picture that is being painted of you by the media fuelled by the use of stats coming out of the  Dwp, affected your life.

If you would like to make a comment please use the same email as before thats and we will try to print out as many as we can to take with us to the hand over…

Lets tell the committee how we feel about what is happening… Please keep it clean we don’t want to edit, we want it to be in your own words but we don’t want to lose the sympathy of the committee by being abusive…

With out you guys, this campaign wouldn’t be going anywhere, it’s your voices that are important to us…

Jayne and Debbie xxx

At last we finally have a date to submit our petition for the Work & Select Committee to hold IDS to Account for his persistent misuse of statistics; on Monday 18th November @ 2pm

  • We are meeting with both Liz Kendall – Shadow Secretary for Care and older people and
  • Kate Green – Shadow spokesperson for Disabled people at Parliament.

From there Liz will place the petition in the Petition Bag (which hangs on the back of the Speaker’s Chair), and after presentation The Votes and Proceedings publication will record:

  • The petition’s subject matter.
  • Description of the petitioners.
  • That the petition was presented formally.

The full text of the petition will then be printed in Hansard. A copy of the petition will be sent to the DWP who are expected to offer observations which will also then be printed in Hansard.

This process guarantees we will receive a response which should be that IDS is attending the Select Committee on December 9th and there he will be challenged on his untruths.

If anyone wishes to join us in submitting our petition please let us know by commenting below before Monday 11 November.

Jayne and Debbie 🙂 xxx