Your chance to #haveyoursayIDS

Hi folks

Well as you know we are going to meet with Liz Kendal and Kate Green on the 18th of November.

To submit our Petition about the DWPs use of stats asking the Work and Pensions Select Committee to hold Ian Duncan Smith to account, for his and his ministers use of stats to paint a dark and inaccurate picture of those on benefits, especially those on DLA and ESA.

Well, we thought as well as inviting you those who signed our petition all 104,696 of you to attend the hand over.

We would like you to make a comment about how the use of Stats by the DWP has effected you, whether that’s emotionally, physically or if you have been a victim of hate crime.

How has the picture that is being painted of you by the media fuelled by the use of stats coming out of the  Dwp, affected your life.

If you would like to make a comment please use the same email as before thats and we will try to print out as many as we can to take with us to the hand over…

Lets tell the committee how we feel about what is happening… Please keep it clean we don’t want to edit, we want it to be in your own words but we don’t want to lose the sympathy of the committee by being abusive…

With out you guys, this campaign wouldn’t be going anywhere, it’s your voices that are important to us…

Jayne and Debbie xxx

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