#whereisIDS @ The Work and Pensions Select Committee

Hi folks just a quickie 🙂 IDS is at the work and pensions select committee this afternoon starting at approximately 4.30pm you can watch it live here

Try not to break your computers or upset your neighbours 🙂 Dxxx


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  1. Robert Fillies says:

    Hi Debbie, haven’t had the opportunity to watch any of the select committee meeting yet, though BBC News at 6 only reported about the universal credit fiasco(my personal feeling is that the various different benefits evolved over many decades for good reason and though could be modified/improved for those who need them, should remain in their current form), also on this subject, when he suggested a change to a UC system, Alistair Darling was strongly advised against the idea by experts at that time, and I don’t really see that much has changed since then, other than the person in charge at the DWP ,the believes he is right IDS , rather than someone who would listen to sound advice.I do hope this committee question this man about all the things he has said to misrepresent those on benefits and his appalling use of statistics.

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