I’m ranting, but I’m sighing too. Seriously folks, wake up and see the Political Social Engineering. #Benefitsstreet #Channel4

Couldn’t have said it better myself… Dxxx


If I was to write that a ‘celebrity’ from an awful (un)reality TV programme had been bullied and received death threats I can guarantee this thread would be filled with outpourings of sympathy for the poor victim. When Tom Daley had some hate filled tweets aimed his way regarding his sexuality, folks were (quite rightly) outraged, however, Channel 4’s little contribution to this Governments Political Social Engineering, in which they’ve convinced so many that the blame for financial ills of the country fall firmly at the feet of young people, the unemployed and basically anyone in receipt of a welfare benefit passes folks by. And even during the televising of Benefits Street, when vile and vitriolic death threats are posted, suggesting some of the participants of this ‘documentary’ should be sterilised, gassed, murdered…it passes by with only a murmur of discomfort.

Do people forget that at any time they too…

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