We’re a wealthy country… money’s no object…

Jane Young

Flooding I’m supposed to be writing an important human rights report, but the political messages around today have tempted me to blog – for the first time since the turn of the year, when my anger about poverty spilled into a much less measured blog than usual. My anger has now got the better of me again…

First of all I must say, very clearly, that flooding is terrible for those affected and my heart goes out to all those who have experienced the horror of dirty, sewage-contaminated water flowing through their homes. This blog is not directed against flood victims, but is a comment on the political message and reality behind the Prime Minister’s promises.

The floods have reached the home counties. Beautiful homes next to the River Thames are awash. This is archetypal middle England. Confirmed Tory voters are now being affected by the floods which have ravaged the…

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  1. Moggy says:

    Yes, many of us felt exactly the same when we saw Cameron’s response to ‘middle England’s’ flood problems. Nobody would deny the devastation that the flooding has caused but it sickened me as it did my friends that suddenly ‘money was no object’ when others were being chucked out of their homes because of the bedroom tax and others were having to rely on food banks. Also, there have been many areas flooded in the north that have received no such coverage or promises of money but then he knows there’s no votes in it. Disgusting.

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