FibroGirls call to Action

Hi Folks its been a long time and ill do a blog post soon that explains that,

but first

A new project… Myself and fibrogirl with a group of other campaigners are going to start a campaign for the correct classification of Fibromyalgia and ME.

This was triggered by a hastily removed article yesterday that stated the FM and ME, CFS could possibly be re classified as mental health problems. This was very quickly denied by the world health organisation, but they stated there would be no change to the FM ME classification and the problem with that is, that they are not accurately classified now. So the upshot is a new campaigning group utilising some of the campaigning experience gained by working with the We Are Spartacus Campaign in the hope we can raise this issue and work towards better treatment for us all…

FibroGirl has done a blog post update which explains whats going on and how you can get involved…

Sorry ive been gone so long I will do a post soon that explains where the stats campaign is at and why ive been absent… Dxxx

Heres FibroGirls blog please read and come join us…


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  1. salkeela says:

    Congratulations, I have nominated your blog to receive an ME & CFS & FMS BLOGGER AWARD. Please visit
    to collect your Award

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