None of the “cool” doctors want to treat fibromyalgia.

Great blog about Fibro… EmsyBlog… Dxxx


Fibromyalgia just ain’t cool. And there’s statistical research to back it up.

And I quote:

Respondents [senior doctors, GPs and final year med students] were asked to rank 38 diseases as well as 23 specialties on a scale of one to nine. …Myocardial infarction, leukaemia, spleen rupture, brain tumour, and testicular cancer were given the highest scores by all three groups. Prestige scores for fibromyalgia, anxiety neurosis, hepatic cirrhosis, depressive neurosis, schizophrenia, and anorexia were at the other end of the range.

It doesn’t show it very accurately in that quote, but the most “prestigious” disease to treat came up as MI, and the least was fibromyalgia. Colour me unsurprised. Two of the “popular” diseases occur mainly in men (especially as one of them involves have a specific set of genitals). Two of the least “popular” diseases occur mainly in women. All of the “popular” ones are dramatic conditions…

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  1. katie horner says:

    it all appears .. well out of touch. our condition is unrelenting, personally I feel no comfort in reading others woes, I have enough of my own to contend with, as I am most certainly you do.
    we have the tools through spcial media to make a positive different together, stop point scoring, la k luster suggestions, brides yr horizons and work from ground zero upwards x l x
    Sent from Katie Horner’s iPad😘

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