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Another excellent post from Jayne… Dxxx


This year to date, I’ve  written two articles questioning the REAL agenda behind the Benefit Fraud Campaigns, the first in January considered how Politicians use psychological coercion to control us, whilst the second in April, introduced the newly formed single fraud investigation service, (SFIS), “a cross Government strategy to reduce fraud and error” apparently costing £140 millionIn April I questioned whether the SFIS would prove to be value for money, particularly as according to DWP figures Fraud and Error has cost the Nation approximately £1 Billion for the past Eight Years?

Well it seems my concerns were justifiable, the latest figures in the DWP official Report shows a significant rise in Fraud, although a minor decrease in Error:


This situation is despite the DWP already having spent at least  £296,726, just on campaigns to reduce Fraud & Error; when the REAL costs to the DWP, the SFIS, Justice Department & the CPS are…

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Bedroom tax warrior Michelle Kent talks about the fundimental reason for the BT… Dxxx


I knew it You knew it and the people faced with ‘Bedroom Tax’ knew it!!!!!!

The BEDROOM TAX was not about freeing up houses at all. It was simply about saving money!!!!
Never mind all those poor souls that have moved and now regret doing such!!

Please take time to watch, and listen very carefully to PMQs on Weds 14th May. (27mins 30secs in)

Cameron was asked by Jonathon Reynolds MP

“As the Prime Minister has acknowledged, the number of people who are in work but who have to claim housing benefit to make ends meet is growing, but the cost of that will be an extra £5 billion over the course of this Parliament. Does the Prime Minister consider that a sign of success?”

To which Cameron replied: “……. in order to make savings housing benefit should not be paid in respect of spare rooms that people are not using….”

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Another excellent blog on our stats campaign from Jayne… as if you needed any more reasons to sign…Dxxx


Over the weekend I’ve noticed three separate articles all linked to DWP actions that, we the public have been LIED TO about by Ids, McVey, Penning & even Consultants –

The Guardian wrote how – Frank Field MP has found Evidence behind growth in food banks and benefits claimants; Field as chair of the all-party group set up to investigate hunger and food poverty discovered “the disproportionately large increase (use of food banks) seen in the poorest households is due entirely to rising housing and fuel costs” . However this week McVey wrote to the Scottish Government this week stating there is “no robust evidence linking food bank usage to welfare reform”  

Fellow blogger Kitty Jones reported on – Rising ESA sanctions with a rise of “334% between December 2012 and December 2013″; it took a Freedom of Information request to release even these figures…

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As promised a further piece of action from Jayne Linney and Myself in regards to the stats campaign from last year, please read sign and share/RT… Dxxx


Yesterday Debbie Sayers and I decided it was time to follow up on our successful petition of last year. We like thousands of others on twitter & Facebook are Sick of the ongoing spinning of statistics but, and perhaps more importantly, the Work & Pensions Select’s 3rd Report  made three vitally important recommendations regarding this:

Use of DWP statistics

19.  DWP releases a great deal of statistical information about benefits. We have commented before that it needs to exercise care in the language used in accompanying press releases and ministerial comments in the media. 2013 saw heightened and quite widespread concern—including from the UK Statistics Authority and organisations representing disabled people—about the DWP commentary accompanying releases of benefits statistics. (Paragraph 141)

20.  The Government is doing a great deal to promote a positive image of disabled people, including in the principles behind its Disability Strategy and the Disability Confident campaign to help disabled people…

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Timeline Project 3

More from FibroMe… Fibromyalgia Awareness day… Time Line Project… Dxxx

Morning Folks,

Well, its Fibro day again where did that year go? Answers on a post card please 🙂

I wanted to have something profound and engaging to say today but to be honest I just don’t have the spoons…

I had two craft fairs to do over the weekend exhausting but fun…

And I’m also setting up a WordPress site for a new piece of action I’m involved in called #women2gether, This is a possible legal challenge to the ICC to investigate the UK government and other countries governments for the targeting women as well as others with Austerity Legislation. This is a group of women that are bringing this challenge so it’s primarily about women and how austerity measures and legislation is targeting women and causing both extreme hardship and death…

So that’s exciting and scary and a great deal of work. 🙂 spoon heavy work lol…

The other thing I’m involved in is FibroME for Action…a group that me and a Beth Greg have put together to look in to how WHO and NICE have inaccurately designated both Fibromyagia and ME and looking at ways to lobby to get a better designations for our conditions which would hopefully lead to better care and services.

There has been a great deal of research going on in the last year that is showing more and more that both Fibro and Me are complex physical neurological immune system malfunctions and that is also very exciting and hope giving… Perhaps for the first time Dr’s are seeing us, they are slowly realising that this is a serious epidemic of not neurotic 30 something women/men but a serious public health issue the proverbial canary in a coal mine something the ME community have used well to their advantage although there is still a long way to go…

Part of this action is also fighting the Psychotherapist desire to get Fibro and ME designated as mental health issues and looking at how the DSM5 will affect those who may be wrongfully diagnosed with a Mental Health problem because of the vagueness of the new Somatic illness criteria…

So as you can see there are good reasons for my not doing a long-winded pice but i hope this gives an overview of the actions I’m involved in and that you can be involved in to. I will pop up links to all the groups, blogs twitter tags that will lead you to actions you can get involved in should you wish to do so… lol tempted to say this blog will self destruct in five seconds but i think that just shows my age 🙂

Have a lovely restive Fibro day sending hugs and spoons to all… Dxxx


FibroMe for Action Blog… brand new so bare with…

FibroMe for Actions Community Facebook group…

Women2gether blog… Also new …

@women2getherblog … #women2gether



Further thoughts from women2gether this one on inclusion… Dxxx


Following the last post this is a short blog to clarify one thing, women2gether is a project started and lead by women but, it is NOT exclusive to women.

We welcome the input and support of any men who share our goals and, perhaps more importantly, understand and respect why women are leading this campaign; I’m not going to explain the history of reasons for why this is the case, as if you support us you’re already aware.

What is important is the need and desire for women2gether to be inclusive,  we define inclusivity as:

  • Viewing every life and every death as of equal worth.
  • Supporting everyone to feel that they belong.
  • Increasing participation
  • Reducing exclusion, discrimination, barriers to learning and participation.
  • Restructuring cultures, policies and practices to respond to diversity in ways that value everyone equally.
  • Linking learning, planning and action to local and global realities.
  • Learning from the reduction…

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Further musings on the human rights violations of the uk government…Dxxx



This is post is for those folk who have encountered the petition calling for the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Mrs Fatou Bensouda, to provide us with the formal procedures that need completing in order to formally open an investigation into multiple breaches of Human Rights law in the UK. You can find the petition here:

Letter to the ICC at the Hague re potentially criminal breaches of Human Rights in the UK

This post is designed to explain the thought processes behind the request and provide background information for those who are interested in learning more.

Bl--KS2CIAAb5UzThis is not the only petition of its kind – I ‘borrowed’ the idea from another initiative and I would urge you to sign this petition too:

Letter to the ICC at the Hague re Mistreatment of the Disabled and Sick

Our own seeks to complement, not compete with, the efforts of…

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Interesting questions… please read and engage with the author…Dxxx



As a life-long activist, I’ve found that one way to resolve a problem is to share it with others and listen to what they have to say. Thinking about it, all the best activists I know do something similar. We don’t presume we are right – especially when we stand accused of sinning, as I do at the moment.

Please understand that I have absolutely no problem with the content nor the woman myself – indeed, I am very grateful for her honesty and clarity however she chooses to express it. My only problem is that if I cease and desist in my behaviour of inviting interest from people of colour, I believe I would be breaking the law and my integrity won’t allow me to do that.

That’s my only objection and we are both free to say No and disagree with each other in my reality with…

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