ESA Backlogg Causes Disruption and Fear to Vulnerable Lives.

A few nights ago after six pm, I received an urgent cry for help and advice from a lady I know, who has herself faced major health issues with her son and is disabled herself. When completely out of the blue her brother who is also a vulnerable adult with health problems received a accelerated eviction notice from his landlord stating he had to leave the property the next day.

She desperately needed advice on whether the landlord could do this. Having had issues with private renting, I advised her about his rights re his section 21notice and googled some info on accelerated evictions, as well as who else might be able to advice such as Shelter and her local councils housing department. As well as advising that she spoke to a solicitor first thing in the morning…

This has seriously stressed two vulnerable disabled adults trying to sort this out…

Thankfully they managed to get hold of a solicitor, and their agency agreed he had not been given a section 21 along side not meeting the terms of an accelerated eviction notice so his landlord has to go back to the courts before anything can happen giving them more time to find him a new place…

And what caused all this? Yep you guessed it… the ESA backlog, it had taken so long for his claim to be sorted that his landlord decided he didn’t want him as a tenant even though his benefits had been sorted and his rent paid…

I can only image what would have happened to the vulnerable man if he hadn’t had a loving sister to help him out…

the solicitor who is helping this lady out also deserves a shout out and has been highly recommended by the lady in question as being very supportive and helpful re benefits and the BT as well as other things and works with legal aid is… Laura Webster… 01623 460460

This is what your propaganda and welfare reform fiasco has wort Mr IDS you are beyond saving and you will be judged one day…

#impeachDWP #NowPetition

So say we all… Dxxx

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  1. jaynel62 says:

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    Debbie Sayers posts another example of the dire situation many chronically sick and disabled people battle with daily.

    People’s lives are at severe risk whist IDS & Co continue to tinker with the Social Security budget saving Nothing and causing Death – Time for it to STOP? Join the TRUTH Campaign

    #ImpeachDWP #NOWPetition

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  3. jaypot2012 says:

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    There are good people out there, shame that they are overshadowed by the evil ones!

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