I.D.S has nowhere to hide

Here’s a little something from a friend of mine… Dxxx


Iain Duncan-Smith Works and Pensions secretary as we all know is a man that does not have one ounce of sympathy, nor can he be called a human being because of his actions. Ever since this coalition Government took office Duncan-Smith has systematically attacked the old, sick, infirmed as well as the poor, his complete lack of empathy has meant that the lives of those in which the Welfare State was set up to help has been one living hell. He has presided over one of the biggest genocides this country has ever endured, all because he wants to set an example of those living on benefits.

Iain Duncan-Smith has shown time and time again that his aim’s are very clear, get everybody off  benefits and into work irrespective of whether they can work or not. That coming from someone who was once facing financial ruin seems rather harsh, had…

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