One Voice

Well wasn’t that the worst of all outcomes…

Tragically the lack of a clear opposition has left those of us vulnerable members of society facing an onslaught of welfare cuts that will make the last five years look like a picnic…

Not that I’m scaremongering I’m just trying to get my head round the idea that instead of the short brake I had hoped for before lobbying for a better way, I find my self faced with the continuation of this marathon of a fight to have common sense, justices and compassion win the welfare reform debate.

To that end, i must return to something I blogged about in the my old newby days… Something I believed in then  and still do, that we as a community need to use our assets collectively we need to come together to pool our resources. We need to work together in spite of our differences, because quite frankly our differences are far out weighed by our similarities and common foe.

We need to come together and work together, newby internet campaigners, old school direct activists, DPO’s, lifers and those who are new to disability. We need to do what ever it takes to come out fighting with…

                                                                             One Voice

Since posting this, there has been a lot of talk about the fact that the community are to diverse to have one voice… I think this is a misconception of the intention here… I was referring to a democratic, nothing about us without us, style collective voice…



8 Comments Add yours

  1. jaynel62 says:

    I SO AGREE – I’m IN xxx

  2. AndyH says:

    Sounds ace. Where do I sign up?

      1. AndyH says:

        Thanks. It’s a brillant idea – helps us overcome the problem of divide and conquer.

      2. ravenswyrd1 says:

        Exactly… Dxxx

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