The Long Road Part1 (or Our Story Part 4)

Hi folks, well that time out really was a time out… lol  The last part of our story was in Jan 2015 and it’s now July 2017, and what a long road we have been on…

At the end of the last our story post, J’s surgery had been cancelled, the Drs decided to stop his antibiotics and  he’d decided to get on with his life and despite several setbacks he was on the first of many tiny steps towards a new direction for work an career.

During this period we managed to get a referral to the Autistic Spectrum Disorder team for our son for an assesment, we where on the waiting list, but it was going to take approximately 18months before we could see them… oh the joy… 

Strangely and by seeming coincidence, the course J needed to do, in preparation for the PGCE and working as a teacher the PTTLS course, was going to cost £600 and seemed to be beyond us, when J’s dad happens to mention that a local group he had heard of (he spent most of his working life as a youth worker) was doing a PTTLS like course and that he would enquire aboout it… a couple of days later he contacted us with the info and said ring up, I think it’s free… Wow what a score, J phoned and booked on the course, it was a six week crash course and it was free… woohoo… and that wasn’t the strange bit, the course was being held in the business park literally over the road from us or behind the houses over the road from us, a very short ten minute walk from our front door, how awesome was that…   lol… 

J through himself in to the course battling some significant anxiety, he had been away from the work/education environment for a long time, but despite this he completed the course with flying colours… very proud 😊

At this point J started volenteering for the college and started accompanying me to work as my teaching assistant learning about how we do all the paperwork involved in teaching and the hands on teaching process. Experiencing the ins and outs of teaching people with mental health and disability issues. All in preparation for college in September  2015…yes he was offered a place on the PGCE part time, I became a fan of this moving forward thing, so much so I applied to do the TDL level 5 myself, (Teaching Disabled Learners) as well as taking on more hours… (in retrospect not the most sensible idea..)

Summer hols some time to prepair for all the stuff we had signed up to do yikes… and a chance to go camping for a long weekend… hello Beth… lol… worst weather ever, 50 mile an hour winds and torrential rain… but we survived and had a great time. Even though it nearly killed us both, note to self theres nothing wrong with clean sheets and room service… 

September came and J started his course, he was alocated a mentor and placement, teaching horticulture to students with learning difficulties and some PMLD students. These where students with profound and muliple learning disabilitys, the problems J students had ranged from Autism and Down’s syndrome, to students that couldn’t walk, talk, read or write. He also continued to work in my class teaching students with depression and anxiety as well as some other mental health problems such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, multiple personality disorder and autism. So quite a selection of different learners and different experiences.

J coped really well, surprising everyone including himself at how quickly he settled in to teaching, seeming to find teaching even the most challenging students with professionalism and compassion as natural to him as painting has been for years, did I ever mention J’s an artist? He even took on a commission to do a painting of a friends home, this moving on thing was really out of control… (the run away train when down the track and she blew….) lol…

We both settled in to student and teachers lives spending most of every day doing paperwork…I’m not kidding!

January 16 came and I was asked to take over a ceramics class, yay teaching my specialism what more could I ask and the extra money was a god send as we where struggling because of the 365day rule… in February J started to complain his leg hurt, just aching and we put I down to working to much, a week or two later he went to the GP as his pain was getting quite bad, the GP said nope nothing wrong just rest more and take some pain relief, luckily it was almost Easter so we didn’t think much of it.

Just before Easter I was asked to cover another class because the teacher was off ill, I had been doing some cover work over the last few months just the odd extra class here and there so I was used to dropping in to a class, this was a horticulture and art class and was a whole day, now I was beginning to realise that wanting to do something and actually doing it where very far from the same thing… but money needs sometimes over rule our better judgement. I was doing well on my TDL, working as much as I dare and trying to make up for the lack of income that was by no means J’s fault.

Easter came and J’s leg wasn’t improving if anything it was worse, the same GP still insisted nothing was going on, no infection he said just rest… this was the same GP that had missed J’s infection before so we where not convinced and started to watch J’s symptoms more closely…

The Easter holls finished and we both started the final push J was working towards the end of his first year and I was working towards my final essay and resuch project as well as working. By this time it was mid may and J suddenly had a pain attack when I wasn’t home. When he couldn’t reach me he got our son to phone grandad and he called an ambulance, Jon was in agony easily as bad as some of his early pain back in 2012-13 when he had the bone infection. With his history the paramedics decided to take him in and he spent an over night stay in our local hospital in lots of pain. They sent him home the next day, they couldn’t find anything wrong.

J tried to carry on going in to class and doing his resurch project on comunicating with PMLD students that couldn’t speak or write, a fascinating and frutefull piece of work that shows promise for improving communication between staff and students.

Finally after nearly 18 months of waiting our son had his assessment for Autism but it would be some time before we would get the results.

A couple of weeks later J was rushed in to hospital again in agony, this time he was there for ten days while they tried to get his pain under control. This time they told him you have an infection but we can’t find it, we can’t pinpoint where it is but we know you have it. By this time J had a small red patch on his leg just above his knee, things where not looking good. The Drs finally discharged him because he had an appointment to see his specialist in oxford the following week. That appointment got cancelled and J muddled through another couple of weeks of college.

He finally got to see his specialist at the beginning of June and as we suspected they confirmed his bone infection was back with avengance and they had no choice now they would have to operate and do the op they had cancelled in 2015.

To be continued… Dxxx

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  1. jaynel62 says:

    Soon to become a biography? xxx

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