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Some days I feel really tired…

I had some news today that really made me look at the people around me with new eyes…

People you should be able to rely on to support and believe you… Don’t!

Is it because they don’t believe you or because they don’t see you…

On top of this sad epiphany about someone who I love and who I thought loved me and my family I come home

To a blizzard of emails, 

Mostly about a story going round that Sue Marsh is behind the new idea for a national united organisation for disabled people… 

Well the bottom line is that’s not true… Several people over the last few weeks have talked about it… Some of which have at one point or another worked with the network that Sue Marsh is associated with… Myself included… However all of us with this connection, involved in this new initiative, have not worked for the network for some time, most for many years… 

Personally I have never had a real conversation with Sue, that was more than 140 characters on Twitter, and most of those where in relation to Simon Stevens on a particularly vicious day… We’ve never spoken on the phone or in real life… I say this not to extricate myself from rumor but to point out that everyone thinks they know what’s going on inside a group or organisation… You really don’t… One day I might write it all out but today is not that day… 

Painting some one with the same brush as another is both cruel and exactly what this government does… This disabled persons a faker so they must all be… 

Ask yourself what does the creator of this lie or misinformation have to gain by undermining this endeavour?

I said openly I don’t agree with what Sue did, but I defend her right to work if she wants… 

Her right to define her own destiny… We all want that don’t we…

The national disabled organisation or what ever it ends up being called will hopefully be a united voice that supports and defends the other excellent DPOs out there rather than trying to replace or compete with them… 

It will eventually support individuals and campaign groups, with the unified voice of disabled people and with a fund that can be applied for.

This would be a significant voice for disabled people…

Who would want to undermine that…  ?


Proposals for a National Disability Organisation something along the lines of a Union, have a read and show your support if you would like to see something like this happen… Dxxx

Read the proposal here

One Voice

Well wasn’t that the worst of all outcomes…

Tragically the lack of a clear opposition has left those of us vulnerable members of society facing an onslaught of welfare cuts that will make the last five years look like a picnic…

Not that I’m scaremongering I’m just trying to get my head round the idea that instead of the short brake I had hoped for before lobbying for a better way, I find my self faced with the continuation of this marathon of a fight to have common sense, justices and compassion win the welfare reform debate.

To that end, i must return to something I blogged about in the my old newby days… Something I believed in then  and still do, that we as a community need to use our assets collectively we need to come together to pool our resources. We need to work together in spite of our differences, because quite frankly our differences are far out weighed by our similarities and common foe.

We need to come together and work together, newby internet campaigners, old school direct activists, DPO’s, lifers and those who are new to disability. We need to do what ever it takes to come out fighting with…

                                                                             One Voice



PIP rolling out to a further 49 new areas… Dxxx

Originally posted on Same Difference:

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The DWP have announced that 49 new postcode areas will be subject to personal independence payment (PIP) for renewals as well as new claims beginning in May, June and July 2015.

From 28 May 2015
The PIP reassessment areas extend to postcodes beginning: BS; CB; CM; CO; DA; GL; MK; PA; RM; SN; SP; SS

If you are in one of these areas and your fixed term DLA award is due to end on or after 12 October 2015 you will receive a PIP claim form rather than a DLA renewal claim form.

Any DLA claimant reporting a change in circumstances which might affect their award will be assessed for PIP rather than DLA from 28 May 2015 in these postcode districts, any existing DLA claimant who turns 16 years old may also be assessed for PIP.

From 22 June 2015
The PIP…

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Jayne Linney makes excellent points here… Do we really want him to get away with all he’s done in the name of conservative ideology? If not now is the time to act… Please sign our petition, let’s get #IDS investigated for his destructive brand of austerity that has cost thousands of lives and left millions persecuted… Join the #truthcampain … Dxxx

Originally posted on jaynelinney:

Joe Halewood writing as @SpeyeJoe has reprinted a letter from the Tory Chief Whip informing IDS his #BenefitCap will actually cost money!

This is yet more evidence of IDS electing to continue his campaign to punish the poorest of us for the complete cock up by the banks and previous Governments, despite it costing the public purse?

Further nickd at has spent this week posting more evidence that IDS has been Lying to both his own party and the public throughout the Coalitions Term in Government; this covers Lies about Incapacity benefit, ESA and the Work programme.

Isn’t is time for IDS to be held responsible for these Lies, the same lies that have seen hundreds of chronically sick, disabled and workless people Die under his watch;  irrespective of Who wins on May7, IDS will still remain responsible for the man who oversaw the deaths of so many


These are the reasons…

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Mediocre Failures


I love absolutely every word of this as a teacher, as a mother of a child with special education needs and as a dyslexic who had to live though the last Tory government… Bravo… And more please… Dxxx

Originally posted on Disappointed Idealist:

My children are adopted. They were adopted at the ages of three, four and six. As with nearly all children adopted in this country over the last couple of decades, this means that their early life experiences were pretty terrible. As each was born, their collective experience of life became more damaging, as their circumstances worsened. So the eldest is least affected as her first years were perhaps less difficult experiences, while the youngest is most affected, as her entire first two years of life were appalling. I’m not going to go into detail here about their specific early life experiences, but if you want to read up on the sort of effects which can result from serious neglect or abuse, then you could read this .

Why am I writing this ? Especially now after midnight in the middle of the Easter holidays ? It’s because I’m so angry I…

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Unbelievable attitude of Farages far right friends… Thanks Jayne Linney and Tom Pride… Dxxx

Originally posted on jaynelinney:

Tom Pride’s post has enraged me enough to actually write; I’ve been away from the computer after a nasty fall which left me virtually unable to use the keyboard for almost a month. This in turn aggravated my Depression; ergo I’ve been quiet, but reading that a friend and ally of the vile little excuse for a man Farage, thinks “disability an “epidemic” infuriated me enough to blog.

Epidemic is defined by Collins as:


  1. (esp of a disease) attacking or affecting many persons simultaneously in a community or area


  1. a widespread occurrence of a disease   ⇒ an influenza epidemic
  2. a rapid development, spread, or growth of something, esp something unpleasant;

This clearly suggests the leader of the Polish “New Right” Party Janusz Korwin-Mikke, views us disabled people as being contagious, and that we are all out to spread our various “impairment of normal physiological functions

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Thinking this could be of use to some one… Dxxx

Originally posted on deaeper:

I have been working with a client for the past few months who has numerous medical conditions. This person also looks after his wife who also has numerous medical conditions.

When I first started working with this gentleman it was to advise him on the ESA tribunal that he was going to attend. As I was unable to go to the tribunal with him that I had to arrange for one of our support team to go with him, which also meant introducing him at another meeting.

The tribunal was a success and our client was extremely happy. After a few weeks I had a phone call from this client in reference to three letters he had received from the Job Centre informing him that he had to attend these mandatory interviews.

This gentleman has like numerous other people has developed “Brown Envelope Phobia” and was in a state of…

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Invisible disability comes in many forms… Think before you react… Think how you would feel and how you would wish to be treated… Dxxx

Originally posted on So Bad Ass:

Dear lady who loudly tutted at me using the disabled loos,

I know you saw me running in, with my able bodied legs and all. You saw me opening the door with my two working arms. You saw me without a wheelchair. Without any visible sign of disability.

You tutted loudly as I rattled the handle with my hands that work perfectly and my able voice call to my kids that I’d be out in just a minute.

My lack of wheelchair may have suggested to you that I was some lazy cow who didn’t care. Some inconsiderate bitch who was using something I wasn’t entitled too. (I actually carry a card to explain that I’m entitled to and have a disability key if you’d have cared to ask). You may have seen my face blushing as I caught your eye and assumed I was showing guilt at blagging the…

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The hidden lives of ME

Follow this link to a heart felt video from a young man who’s reaching his limit. He feels his life is passing him by while no one works on a cure… He’s not alone in that feeling… Dxxx video


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