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I whole heartedly agree… Dxxx

Originally posted on Diary of an SAH Stroke Survivor:

Dear Ms Harman

I watched your Statement on SkyNews today in regards to infiltration of Leadership vote and whilst I agreed with what you had to say if that was indeed what was happening I can assure you that is not the case and innocents are being denied their vote.

One such person of many more is Jayne Linney, she had an email revoking her just vote.

She is a strong supporter of the Labour Party who does uphold the principals and values of it, so much so she was a past member but revoked that membership due to issues at local level, however that does not mean she does not support the broad aim of it, indeed she still remained a supporter and voted as such and never turned to another party.

Many have been disillusional of Labour of late that does not mean they have totally turned their…

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Jayne has been blocked from voting on the labour leadership. I find this astonishing as she has fought tooth and nail for many of the Labour Party principals… What is going on… Vote rigging? Or Macarthyesk witch hunting… Dxxx

Originally posted on jaynelinney:

This is the letter I sent to Iain McNicol this morning as I too have received my email denying me my vote!

Dear Iain McNicol

As a previous Labour Member who didn’t renew my membership due to concerns with actions by my local Labour Party and what I perceived as a lack of opposition from the Parliamentary group, I maintained my belief in Labour’s aims and values.

Given this I willingly paid my £3.00, which I can ill afford as a disabled benefit recipient, to become an Affiliated Supporter and vote for my preferred candidate in the Leadership campaign.Upon receiving my electronic ballot paper I immediately duly voted but today I received an email informing me my vote will not be counted?

The email states “We have reason to believe that you do not support the aims and values of the Labour Party or you are a supporter of an organisation…

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TRUTH Seekers


I know I’m on a brake but this is to important to ignore… Are you in? Dxxx

Originally posted on jaynelinney:

Two blogs in the past 24 hours, have both raised the issue of the newly elected Tory Government and it’s Ministers continuing to Lie, to the Commons, the Upper House and the People!

Joe Haleswood enlightened us about Freud, Lying to the Lords about the bedroom tax, whilst Mike Sivier over at Vox Political informs us how the IT system at Downing St deleting emails allows staff and #Cameron to ‘forget’ what has been said/written. Further to this, relating to Mike’s fight for DWP to reveal the truth, a petition to HM Courts & Justice, demanding them to publish the statistics of how many people have died after their benefits were stopped, has at time of writing gained 149,594 signatures.

Regular readers will be well aware of the #TRUTHCampaign, that Debbie Sayers & I have spent the past two years slogging on; this includes our own successful petition, to the Work & Pensions Committee to Hold IDS to…

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Hello… I’m going to be taking a brake from disability campaigning, 

I’m tired well exhausted actually, and I’m not up for fighting to keep doing

What I do…

If you interested in discussing a national disability organisation, here’s a link… 

I want to take this opertunity to say I have no intention of being on any executive or steering group

I’m facilitating a space… I’m just an admin… Nothing more and I’m not interested in getting

Involved in the whys and where fours of disability politics…

Please use the space for constructive talks… 

I’ve no more spoons to discuss my reasons and the deep hurt I feel…

Take care of yourselves

Big hugs Dxxx 

Afternoon folks,

There’s seems to be some confusion, I get the impression that people think Sparticus or the Spartacus network was run by Sue Marsh, that wasn’t and isn’t true, Sue was one of many individuals that worked towards several goals, her main job was media and PR… It was her job to get the work and ideas out there… Which she did very well… The Spartacus network was started by Jane Young as was the Spartacus forum Sue was not involved with the net work other than helping with getting info out such as tweeting and emailing out the Reversing from Recovery Report, or Past Caring etc the Spartacus Network was a collection of individuals that sometimes worked together, it was never an organisation. The network was handed over by Jane to other people working with Sue nearly two years ago, I think Sue involvement would have been much the same at that point as she was very ill, I’m not sure you will have to ask those involved with the network now.

Me and Gail started a new forum to work on the idea of a national organisation… Many years ago we tried to get groups to work together to no avail… After the election I wrote a blog post called one voice by which I meant a collective voice, Gail and I agreed to write an open letter to see if a national group like a union was wanted or viable even… We agreed to send it to people who campaign that we knew… I sent mine to a list of my friends partly from the old Spartacus network days (I wasn’t around for the Responsible Reform Report sadly) and partly from campaigning I have done since leaving over two years ago. I invited Sarah Campbell who wrote the RRR, Kailya Francklin who was involved with RRR, Jayne Linney who I’ve been working with on the truth campaign to get Mr Smith for his use of Statistics and his lies. And a few others that I’ve got to know who campaign in their own right… Gail invited those she knew, DPAC members, BT members, Mo Stewart, Susan Archibald etc, we asked them if they thought it was a good idea some said yes, some said no and refused to be involved. We put the open letter with a list of those who said they thought it was a good idea up on google docs to get a feel for how people felt about it, the response for the most part was good. In the mean time Sarah Campbell came to me and said did you read Sams blog about forming a union, I hadn’t but having read it we all felt he should be involved, a few didn’t like his connections to the new sparticus network, but his desiar to help form this organisation was the most important element so we asked him to be involved, he’s not keen on forums but he was facilitating open chats about the idea and was getting some good ideas together… This is when I found out about Sarah Campbells blog about forming a national organisation that she had written before the election.

 Gail and I, well Gail mostly set up a forum, at that point some people who didn’t want to be involved started spreading stories about how this was a Sue Marsh project saying the ‘Cult of Marsh’ (If there is one I’m not privy to it) had taken over the project, this was a lie everyone involved had been invited by me or Gail because of their expertise, track record or interest… I was told more than once that I should remove the ‘Spartacus element’ if I wanted this to succeed but how do you remove yourself from yourself? I am an ex spartaci, I can’t change that nor would I want to… I’m still very proud to have worked with the author of the Responsable Reform Report, Sarah Campbell, and worked with her and others on the Revising from Recovery Report and Past Careing Report… but does it mean everything I’ve been involved in since or in the future is some how insidiously linked to Sue Marsh? Of course not… She has said herself she’s not involved, she’s not involved in campaigning anymore… You may not like what she’s chosen to do but it has no bearing on this project, she is not involved… I hope she achieves her stated goals with her new job, but it’s nothing to do with me, I’m sure the flack she’s endured for her decision has been awful if my recent experiences have been anything to go by…

The National Disability Organisation, was to be designed by disabled people for disabled people with a voted for steering group to help keep it ticking over, someone has to do the day to day jobs that keep these things going. Even DPAC has a streering group. At this point someone asked if Sue Marsh could join this organisation if and when it became a reality… Some said no, some said if we want an inclusive organisation then yes she is disabled… It all fell apart at that point… Some of the people that used to work in the Spartacus network began to be personally attacked and bullied, Sarah Campbell was so badly treated she has left campaigning, that is tragic, a very clever lady with lots of expertise lost to us… Gail also took a great deal of crap of of folks for being involved… That is why she chose to close the forum she had made and leave the project, she felt that she couldn’t be involved in a project that would start a national organisation that one day might let Sue Marsh be a member… I respect her decision but…

 I think, that not doing something because of a possible future outcome would be sad and seems a bit daft… A million things have to happen before it’s even an issue…

Even though we’ve all had enough abuse… A few of us decided that although we are less inclined to be involved we still want the community to have a place to organise this national group, so I have made a new forum for this to take place. If you are still interested, please come join the new forum by following the link…if your only interested in spreading lies please don’t bother I don’t want to spend hours busting up fights on the forum as admin, if your interested in what you all have to say and or have ideas to share please come along and try to help create this national organisation… Dxxx


As one of those attacked and bullied I can only agree with Jayne… Dxxx

Originally posted on jaynelinney:

This is my first post in a few months, there’s been several reasons for this including an horrendous bout of depression, an operation and masses of work for DEAEP, our new course starts next week. There also been one issue that has taken over what little energy I’ve had left after this; a month ago I was asked if I’d be interested in working on the setting up of a unifying group for disabled people to fight the Government.

Anyone that’s read my blogs is well aware I’m committed to collective working and collaboration, most of my posts end with some form of plea for Unity or Togetherness, so of course I said yes. To my horror, in this very short period of time several of those willing to do the backroom work have been bullied and verbally assaulted by the same people who purport to believe in campaigning and challenging…

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Some days I feel really tired…

I had some news today that really made me look at the people around me with new eyes…

People you should be able to rely on to support and believe you… Don’t!

Is it because they don’t believe you or because they don’t see you…

On top of this sad epiphany about someone who I love and who I thought loved me and my family I come home

To a blizzard of emails, 

Mostly about a story going round that Sue Marsh is behind the new idea for a national united organisation for disabled people… 

Well the bottom line is that’s not true… Several people over the last few weeks have talked about it… Some of which have at one point or another worked with the network that Sue Marsh is associated with… Myself included… However all of us with this connection, involved in this new initiative, have not worked for the network for some time, most for many years… 

Personally I have never had a real conversation with Sue, that was more than 140 characters on Twitter, and most of those where in relation to Simon Stevens on a particularly vicious day… We’ve never spoken on the phone or in real life… I say this not to extricate myself from rumor but to point out that everyone thinks they know what’s going on inside a group or organisation… You really don’t… One day I might write it all out but today is not that day… 

Painting some one with the same brush as another is both cruel and exactly what this government does… This disabled persons a faker so they must all be… 

Ask yourself what does the creator of this lie or misinformation have to gain by undermining this endeavour?

I said openly I don’t agree with what Sue did, but I defend her right to work if she wants… 

Her right to define her own destiny… We all want that don’t we…

The national disabled organisation or what ever it ends up being called will hopefully be a united voice that supports and defends the other excellent DPOs out there rather than trying to replace or compete with them… 

It will eventually support individuals and campaign groups, with the unified voice of disabled people and with a fund that can be applied for.

This would be a significant voice for disabled people…

Who would want to undermine that…  ?


Proposals for a National Disability Organisation something along the lines of a Union, have a read and show your support if you would like to see something like this happen… Dxxx

Read the proposal here

One Voice

Well wasn’t that the worst of all outcomes…

Tragically the lack of a clear opposition has left those of us vulnerable members of society facing an onslaught of welfare cuts that will make the last five years look like a picnic…

Not that I’m scaremongering I’m just trying to get my head round the idea that instead of the short brake I had hoped for before lobbying for a better way, I find my self faced with the continuation of this marathon of a fight to have common sense, justices and compassion win the welfare reform debate.

To that end, i must return to something I blogged about in the my old newby days… Something I believed in then  and still do, that we as a community need to use our assets collectively we need to come together to pool our resources. We need to work together in spite of our differences, because quite frankly our differences are far out weighed by our similarities and common foe.

We need to come together and work together, newby internet campaigners, old school direct activists, DPO’s, lifers and those who are new to disability. We need to do what ever it takes to come out fighting with…

                                                                             One Voice

Since posting this, there has been a lot of talk about the fact that the community are to diverse to have one voice… I think this is a misconception of the intention here… I was referring to a democratic, nothing about us without us, style collective voice…



PIP rolling out to a further 49 new areas… Dxxx

Originally posted on Same Difference:

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The DWP have announced that 49 new postcode areas will be subject to personal independence payment (PIP) for renewals as well as new claims beginning in May, June and July 2015.

From 28 May 2015
The PIP reassessment areas extend to postcodes beginning: BS; CB; CM; CO; DA; GL; MK; PA; RM; SN; SP; SS

If you are in one of these areas and your fixed term DLA award is due to end on or after 12 October 2015 you will receive a PIP claim form rather than a DLA renewal claim form.

Any DLA claimant reporting a change in circumstances which might affect their award will be assessed for PIP rather than DLA from 28 May 2015 in these postcode districts, any existing DLA claimant who turns 16 years old may also be assessed for PIP.

From 22 June 2015
The PIP…

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