Esther McVey your Hypocrisy is Showing

Sorry this post is going to be like one of your favourite TV shows where inevitably at least one episode is a hash up of clips from previous episodes…

Well this post is that episode…

I’m a bit behind with this but…

WOW talk about hypocrisy…

Esther McVey rebuking Labour over their use of Stats… Really, I’m mean REALLY!

This juicy peice, Esther McVey chastised by the speaker for its irrelevance in relation to the discussion was picked up by the Mirror news paper but failed to make the connection with McVeys history in regards to statistics herself, or that of her then boss Mr IDSmith and the 105,000 people who recognised their habit of twisting stats for their own political gain or the fact that they had been chastised numerous times by the office for statistics, as well as the DWP select committee…

This Minister has shown a selective memory over stats and an appalling track record on using them… here are the links to all the blog posts about Stats that I and my co activist Jayne Linney have done as well as others, over the last few years… you decide if McVey’s oh so innocent swipe at the Labour benches were hypocrisy at its most brazen… Dxxx

April 2013… Esther McVey your Facts Aren’t True

April 2013… Petition for the work and pensions committee to hold IDS to Account

May 2013 … Esther McVey’s letter arrives in Parliament

May 2013… Work and Pension Committee to Quiz the DWP over Statistics

May 2013… Work and Pensions Committee to Include Stats Quiz of Annual Review of DWP

June 2013… Esther McVey We Would Like a Reply Please

June 2013… Love Letters to a Tory MP re Governments Lying Habit, Sqwawkbox

June 2013… The Long Awaited Reply

July 2013… Update, IDS will answer for Misusing Stats

July 2013… IDS goes to the WP Select better Late than Never

August 2013… McVey Still Won’t Answer Us

August 2013… McVey Answers Politicians Even If She Ignores Us

October 2013… This is Rumour Control These Are The Facts

October 2013… The Conspicuous Absence of Ian Duncan Smith

November 2013… Our Petition Goes to Parliament At Last

November 2013… Your Chance to #haveyoursayids

November 2013… Finally the hand in Day Approaches Dxxx

November 2013… At Last

December 2013… #Whereisids @ The Work and Pensions Select Committee

May 2014… Petition 2 HOC Stop Ministers from Spinning Statistics Jayne Linney

May 2014… More Reasons to Stop Ministers Spinning Stats or Lying

June 2014… Is the Fight for Truth Important

June 2014… The Truth and Statistics Campaign Petition 2

June 2014… Panellists Hijack Question Time to Attack Ian Duncan SmithVoxpolitical

June 2014… DWP does not Spin Statistics says Government, We Know Bette

August 2014… Lies Damn Lies and Statistics

September 2014… IDS has nowhere to hideCornish Gunner

November 2014… 10 Lies from IDS in 4Short Bedroom Tax Responses

November 2014… IDS Time to Stop the Lies

November 2014… Sue Marsh on IDS

December 2014… Hope Whilst IDS Lies Continue to Persecute the Poor

April 2015… The Proven Lies of IDS Now He Must Answer

June 2015… Truth Seekers

September 2015… IDS Lies to the Tory Party Time for Him to go

January 2018… Fear and Loathing in Equal Measure

Phew… if you made it through those congratulations…

Jayne Linnely and myself have been thinking on what to do next… Watch This Space… Dxxx


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