With Fear and Loathing in Equal Measure

I’ve been out of it a bit… did you notice? Lol… Trying to make work pay…

failing miserably and looking after hubby and son…

To be honest I felt I had nothing else to contribute to the fight, to this world that hates those of us unfortunate enough to be

Ill or disabled and I’d become so numb, numb to the suffering on a national scale and even almost on a local one.

I am tired… beyond tired, I’m sick and I’m tired and I also have Fibro and ME, neither of which have anything to do with my sense of extreme fatigue in my heart…

And I’ve poodled along helping those that cross my path, spending hour after heart breaking hour convincing vulnerable people not to kill themselves, we can sort things out we can appeal we can fight the DWP and we can win your claim.

But I’ve not felt the need or desire to comment on what’s going on for what seems like forever…

That is until today, or yesterday when I saw this blog… From Terror Stricken to Rage -Thanks Teresa May by my dear friend Jayne Linney with whom I fought so long and hard all those years ago.

I hadn’t seen the news as I’d been at work teaching art to my students with mental health issues that had made me start fighting in the first place, I had spent the morning sign posting the sister of one of my student to some help with her ESA application as I just didn’t know if I could handle doing another one…

When I got home I spotted Jaynes post and thought oh no what’s upset Jayne…

I couldn’t believe my eyes, I still can’t… with blogs on the subject by numerous bloggers ( I’ll pop some links below) reality began to sink in… we have gone back several years, history repeating in a twisted Groundhog Day… it made my head swirl, and I felt sick, and then as the moments past I felt fire start consuming my mind as the fear turned to rage and the loathing I remembered feeling for Esther McVey returned in full force…

I won’t bother to list the disgusting history of this minister many have done a far better job than I could do, but I had to express my anger, my rage and my fear for those in my charge, those I look after and those I know, who will be vilified further by this woman this symbol of hate for a demographic that is least able to defend itself.

The hate is mutual, I know the community will challenge this appointment, they will fight like a cornered wild beast, they will rise up and they will resist any and all works this Evil McVile can spin… even from the top of the DWP, a lofty position from which to fall, and you will, inevitably, and hopefully with your former bosses you’ll fall straight in to the arms of a court on crimes against the UK disabled…

What can I do about it, I don’t know, I don’t know if I want to or even if anyone else wants me to but there’s one thing I do know …

We must…



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3 Comments Add yours

  1. jaynel62 says:

    Time for another campaign D; one for #Survival xxxx

    1. ravenswyrd1 says:

      I think so… they obviously didn’t get the message… and this move continues to threaten our #Survival Dxxx

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